This Not That: Self-Tanners

Now that winter has just about run its course, the ground isn’t the only thing being left white. The winter does terrible things to your skin. It dries out your skin with its bitterly cold temperatures and the lack of sun and what feels like eternal darkness only makes your skin grow paler by the day. If I stepped outside in a snow storm, I’d blend in almost completely. Tired of your skin being pasty and dry? Why not try a self-tanner? Self-tanners offer ample nourishment and moisture to your skin while leaving it with a sun kissed glow that will hold you over until summer.

The trick with self-tanners is finding one that wont streak or leave your skin a Snooki-shade of orange. You also don’t want a self-tanner that smells like burnt rubber or has weird sparkles in it…I mean, that may be your thing but I can’t imagine why. There are so many brands of self tanners that come in a variety of price ranges, application methods, shades, and textures. There are sprays, gels, moisturizers…you name it, there’s a self tanner just like it.

This week’s edition of This Not That will be comparing two self tanner brands to hep you find the best one for you! We’re looking at Keihl’s Sun Free Self Tanning Formula and Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint. We’re determined to find out which product is more worth your while!

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Keihl’s Sun Free Self Tanning Formula: This lightweight lotion is great for your skin and will help you maintain a healthy glow even in the dead of winter. Perfect for the months when the sun doesn’t shine, this self-tanner will work wonders on your skin.


  • affordable and easily accessible
  • absorbs quickly so it isn’t greasy
  • doesn’t leave splotches or streaks


  • takes 3 hours for full color to show
  • has no SPF in it

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Clarins Intense Bronze Self Tanning Tint: This self tanner is tinted so you can see exactly where you apply it. Clarins promises an even summer glow all year round. This product can be purchased in a variety or stores and online.


  • tinted for easy application
  • no streak formula
  • can be found at several stores


  • slightly expensive
  • application process can be time consuming
  • better for small areas

The Verdict: Keihl’s Sun Free Self Tanning Formula offers more bang for your buck. This streak-free formula is easy to apply and long lasting. It is very affordable and can be purchased in many stores. Kiehl’s prides itself on using minerals and vitamins to help rejuvenate and protect your skin.

What self-tanner do you use?


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