Cocktails to Prepare for Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day, or St. Paddy’s if you like to abbreviate (NOT St. Patty’s Day.  That is just wrong. Don’t say it.) is essentially an excuse to wear green, drink green beer, eat green bagels, and spike your coffee with Jameson.  It is also one of the only days in the year when going out to a bar is an awful idea. Everyone may be “Irish” on St. Patrick’s Day, but that doesn’t mean they can all drink like a true Irishman.  If you still want to get your Irish on, and celebrate the day with a few friends or family members, you should stay festive, and make sure everything is either green or contains a hefty amount of whiskey.  “Whiskey” is literally Gaelic for “water of life,” so you will get points for authenticity.

If you want to get your green on for St. Paddy’s Day, check out these deliciously festive cocktails.  I recommend drinking them whilst playing the Leprechaun drinking game.  A cheesy, creepy horror movie featuring vintage Jennifer Aniston and some delicious cocktails – ’tis my idea of the perfect St. Paddy’s Day.

1. Blarney Stone (via Serious Eats)

Blarney Stone Cocktail

This is a very simple cocktail that plays on a classic flavor combination – whiskey and ginger (which happens to be an immune booster).  Irish whiskey is great on its own, but add some ginger ale or ginger beer and a splash of lime and you’ve taken it to a whole new level.  It also has a festive name, too many of these and you will definitely start saying nothing but blarney.

2. Garden and Tonic (via Yum Sugar)

St. Patrick's Day Gin and Tonic

 Green beer and sweet cocktails aren’t for everyone, so this play on a gin and tonic can serve as a lighter, more refreshing way to participate in the holiday.  The mint and lime give you your green, but the classic gin/tonic combo won’t overwhelm your palette.  You also won’t be drowning yourself in beer calories. If you do happen to be looking for healthier beer options, look no further.

3. The Lucky One (via Huffington Post)

The Lucky One

If sweet, fruity cocktails are your thing, you will definitely enjoy this one.  The bright green color comes from green apple simple syrup, which is essentially melted green Jolly Ranchers.  The syrup is mixed with pineapple juice and Skinny Girl cucumber vodka, so it is pretty close to a tropical drink. The flavors aren’t Irish but the color sure is. Hey, no one has to know (besides your taste buds!

4. Green Leprechaun (via Celebrations at Home)

Green Leprechaun Cocktails

 You can’t have St. Patrick’s Day without a leprechaun (I think my grandfather may be a real one).  The Green Leprechaun is similar to the Lucky One, but the source of alcohol goodness this time Midori, which is mixed with pineapple juice and Sprite. This would be a good one to turn into a punch if you are having a party. We warn you: things might get rowdy!

5. Vegan Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream (via Oh She Glows)

Vegan Bailey's

Irish cream is simply delicious, and luckily, plenty of bloggers have been creating delicious vegan recipes so people of all special food diets can enjoy the creamy deliciousness.

6. EVR’s Whiskey Sour (via Serious Eats)

Irish Whiskey Cocktail

 This one isn’t green, but it delivers on the whiskey criteria. This whiskey sour has Irish Whiskey and Scotch, bitters and a special agave sour mix, so it won’t be as cloyingly sweet as whiskey sours made with sugary, bottled mix.

7. Kiwi Cobbler (via Yum Sugar)

Kiwi Cobbler Cocktail

If you are really trying to get drunk, tequila is usually a go-to option.  This cocktail is kind of like a mojito, and has kiwis, mint, sugar and vanilla bean. It would definitely classify as a refreshing drink. In addition, it has fruit in it, so that makes it healthy… or at least healthier!

8. Shamrock Pudding Shots (via That’s So Michelle)

Shamrock Pudding Shots

Yes, I know these are not technically a cocktail, but they are spiked with alcohol and are adorable.  Jello pistachio pudding is probably the most useful prepackaged foods in existence.  Mix it up with some cool whip and you have instant “dip” for fruit. These shots are blended seamlessly with Bailey’s and Jameson (the staples). Don’t these sort of count as food? They are pudding after all.

9. Irish Flag Jello Shots (via Hoosier Homemade)

Irish Flag Jello Shots

You can’t have a holiday without Jello shots. Plain and simple.  This recipe doesn’t actually contain any alcohol (weird), but you can check this out for your general J-shot needs. Layering the different flavors may take a while, but if you have some friends you want to impress, these should do the trick.


What will you be drinking on St. Paddy’s Day?

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