The World’s 8 Largest Fitness Dance Parties & Festivals

We all know that you have to motivate yourself to workout more than you need anyone one else to, but hey, sometimes it is nice to feel the energy of a huge group. If everyone around you is pumped up to workout, we cannot say it won’t be infectious. Now more than ever, gyms have been focusing on group fitness classes in the hopes for that and others have taken it even a step further. With dance parties and fitness “festivals” , we see the workout bug spreading nationwide. Here is a look at some of the top choices.

1) Wanderlust Yoga Festival

via amyippoliti
(via amyippoliti)

Wanderlust is one of the largest Yoga Festivals in the world. With traveling classes going from New York to California, it is no wonder it has picked up so well. Hundreds of students gather to practice and socialize. Not only will you get to put in a good workout, but you might meet someone with similar interests as  you!

2) Barry’s Bootcamp Saturday Night Dance Parties

via nytimes
(via nytimes)

Barry’s is known for blood, sweat, and tears. This grueling workout might make you and your fat cry, but it must be said that it is super fun. Added bonus: every Saturday night Barry throws a themed Dance Party. Whether it is an 80’s theme, Kanye West, or Halloween, you’ll have a good time.

3) The Sweat Party

(via facebook)

The Sweat Party is perfect for some intense dancing and club vibes. While it focuses on fitness, you won’t even realize you’re working out. This is a popular New York weekend event that is inclusive to all.

4) Throwdown Fitness Festival

via caseyfriend
(via caseyfriend)

Sometimes you just have to get down and dirty. Throwdown focuses on weights and strength. Much like Crossfit but more inclusive as well, this traveling fitness fest is great for women and men alike. No need for intimidation.

5) BeFitNYC

(via nycdoh)

NYC’s Department of Health has made moves to get New York to its healthy place. By utilizing all the great outdoor space and hiring talented trainers and fitness instructors, working out in the big city will be tons of fun.

6) DanceStreetLab

via bostonstreetlab
(via bostonstreetlab)

If you’re in Boston, the Street Lab takes street dance to the studio. With skilled dancers and performers, it’s not only working out but also an art form.


(via iconoculture)

BUTI (kind of jokingly hinting at Booty) is an LA mainstay. Melding yoga and dance, this women’s class is the perfect way to sculpt and tone your body (read: booty). It is high energy and not only helps you sweat but also helps with posture, breathing, relaxation, and balance.

8) Werq Fitness

(via werqfitness)

This pop, rock, and hip-hop dance class is “fiercely fun” and also motivating. Chicago is lucky to have this great studio.

Does group fitness motivate you?


  1. I actually hate group fitness, it doesn’t motivate me at all, it makes me feel uncoordinated and frustrated! That being said, if these fitness classes were simply: dance your butt off, no routine necessary, then I would have TONS OF FUN!


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