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The Islands of the Bahamas are popular getaway destinations for anyone looking to relax on the beach, and have some fun in the sun. The moment you drive away from the airport on Nassau, you’ll notice that the main road hugging the coastline is home to luxury resort after luxury resort. Undoubtedly the most famous of these is The Atlantis on Paradise Island. This winter we visited the Island, and uncovered the Sivananda Ashram Bahamas.

Did you know that steps away from The Atlantis hides a beachfront Yoga oasis? The Sivananda Yoga Retreat is an ashram that you can see from the Atlantis beachfront. It is just a five minute walk away. They have yoga classes periodically all day long, special workshops that you can sign up for, and various other programs going on throughout the year. We were staying at the resort down the beach, so we didn’t get the retreat experience, but we did have the opportunity to take a yoga class!

Sivananda yoga is a really unique style of the practice that is both as relaxing as it is invigorating. Similarly to a typical flow class, you go through the basic yoga postures such as sun salutations with deep yogic breathing. However where Sivananda is different is the addition of moments of rest in between posture flows. After sequences of vigorous movement, the class rests with some deep breathing to re-center your body and mind.

At the ashram, the yoga classes are two hours long and are held on a beach front wooden platform. Classes are offered earlier in the morning, or late in the afternoon to avoid the hot Bahamian sun. This means that the temperature is perfect for an outdoor yoga practice, and the cool ocean breeze doesn’t hurt either! Even if you are just a day visitor at the center, you will be welcome to stay for a meal after the class. Everyone you will come across is so welcoming and friendly, that you’ll want to stick around for interesting conversation or even  just to explore the ashram.

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Imagine a typical sleep away camp with adorable wooden cabins lined up in rows. Now, imagine those cabins, painted sky blue with images of Hindu deities, while being oceanfront on the beach. From the resorts down the beach, all you will be able to see the beachfront yoga platform, but once you walk down and enter the ashram, you will have entered a true yoga oasis.

Interested in finding out more? Visit the Ashram’s website and make it a part of your vacation next time you visit the Bahamas.

photo credit: Iceland Eyes ~ Maria Alva Roff via photopin cc


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