Setting Up Your At-Home Yoga Space

Yoga has plenty of benefits, from uplifting your mood to relieving anxiety, easing body pains, and helping you lose weight. The gentle and mindful stretches, movements, and poses attract people who are not a big fan of high-intensity workouts and those that need a moment of peace every day. But there is one downside to yoga: as with any other exercise, it takes a considerable chunk of your time. You need to get dressed, pack your bag, and head to the gym just for an hour of yoga practice. The preparation and travel can very well double the time it takes to get a bit of yoga into your day, which can be off-putting for busybodies and time-conscious individuals.

The truth is, you do not need to get a membership at a yoga studio because you can undoubtedly do yoga at home. With the help of some yoga books, a little self-discipline, and a dedicated space for practice, you have everything you need to get in some yoga once or a couple of times a day. Setting up a home studio is easy. Here is a list of everything you need.

A Space To Breathe 

The most optimal space to do yoga is one where you are physically and mentally comfortable. Size-wise, it is best to choose an area that is clutter-free and ample enough so that you have enough room to do all sorts of poses and stretches. Do not be pressured to set up a Pinterest-worthy room. What matters is that you are in a place where you can internally grow, relax, and meditate. If you enjoy the mood of most yoga studios, you can replicate it by adding in some candles or incense with your favorite scents.

The only thing you need to get in a good practice session is a trusty yoga mat. But if you like doing particular types of yoga, such as yin, then a bolster may be useful to have around. Additionally, yoga bands, blocks, and foam rollers are essential if you like working on your flexibility, as they are excellent equipment for calming down tight muscles.

Yoga Books

Although there are a plethora of available yoga resources, nothing beats the feeling of owning physical yoga books. A book is a significantly more comprehensive tool that will help you get into a yoga self-practice routine. From choosing the type of yoga that works best for you and finding a routine in the comfort of your home, a reliable yoga book is a wonderful friend to tag along your at-home yoga journey, one stretch at a time. It tackles difficult questions, such as dealing with injuries or suggestions to get you out of a yoga rut. It will also help you find a balance between work, life, and yoga — an indispensable collection of resources that you can flip through at any time.


A critical yet always overlooked element of yoga is music. Many people find a stronger sense of discipline and motivation to push through multiple sessions when the right music gets their body into a stable rhythm. Choose music with a definite beat to follow, which you can use as a guideline to breathe in a slow and controlled manner. Otherwise, go for whatever playlist will keep you going. Some people relax better with heavy metal in the background, while others need classical hits. Regardless, a good song will keep you looking forward to your yoga sessions.

Enjoying yoga at home is a great way to get in some exercise every day. By setting up an at-home studio, you will always have a comfortable space to do yoga without having to deal with traffic, intimidating spaces, or group classes. With a little self-discipline, you can take a deep breath and do the downward dog at any time of the day or night.


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