3 Tips To Prevent Putting On Holiday Weight

One of my favorite sayings around my fitness approach would be: “It’s better to stay ready than to get ready.”

What does that mean exactly? Instead of throwing all caution to the wind during vacations, holidays or even stressful events that happen in life when it comes to your diet and daily exercise, it’s better to do what you can, when you can, so bouncing back is way easier.

Think about it this way: If you’re on point with your meals and regular gym visits and then you spend the stretch from Thanksgiving to New Years having totally “given up”, fulfilling those New Year’s resolutions and getting that “bikini body” will be a whole lot harder for you, your body and your mind come January 1st.

You know what will make it easier? Doing what you can. Perhaps some weeks you will go to the gym five times while others you may have gone only three and thats perfectly OK!

Need some more tips to  prevent holiday weight gain? Just watch the video above! Advice includes the basics such as avoiding stress, staying active and practicing moderation!

While this is all easier said than done, there are a few shocking examples of what you can do to keep the pounds off like… shopping! And who isn’t holiday shopping this time of the year? But instead of doing it all alone, head out there and stay on your feet! For more, just watch the clip above.  You won’t regret it.

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What are some tips you have used to prevent holiday weight gain?



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