Pressed Juicery: Slowly But Surely Becoming A NYC Staple

It’s been only a little over two months since California juice brand Pressed Juicery came to New York City, and already it’s becoming a staple in the NoHo community.

Located on Lafayette Street between Houston and Bleecker Streets, the shop is small but beautiful. For many, the first impression will come from the storefront, and Pressed Juicery definitely makes a statement even before you enter. Just from looking in, you can see how clean and organized it is. There are no flyers hanging on the walls, and its sleek decor screams health.

But the fun really begins when you head inside. I was greeted by one of the employees who quickly asked what I would like to sample. (Yep, you can try before you buy!). I went with a: Roots 3, Citrus, Vanilla Coffee, and Greens 3.

Sip after sip I was impressed by the smoothness and taste. To be honest, sometimes getting down a beet or green juice can be hard for me, but there was absolutely no difficulty. They were all seriously delicious. Roots 3, which was recommended by Leah, the store manager, was by far my favorite. I asked for two to go.

Before I left, I chatted with Leah about how the brand, with so many awesome juice places in New York, was being welcomed. “The reception has been amazing,” she said. “Since opening day we’ve had so many people from the West Coast who knew about us, and were super excited. And then we also have a lot of clients who don’t know about us, and since they can sample anything, I think the taste really wins them over.”

Part of the reason the juices taste so fresh is because every morning a quality team comes to taste-test what’s being stocked. If it’s no good, it goes.

But even more than great taste, the price of the bottles are practically unheard of in a place where a green juice can usually run you around $10-12. At Pressed Juicery, you can pick up a bottle for around $6.50.

Now THAT’s something we can drink to.

Head over to Pressed Juicery to see more openings in the New York City area.

Have you tried Pressed Juicery in NYC?