Pizza Your Heart: 10 Healthy Pizza Recipes

September 5th is National Cheese Pizza Day, and we could not be more excited. Who doesn’t love a slice of the Italian masterpiece to satisfy a craving?

Believe it or not, pizza is the original “street meat” and fast food. In the 1800s, the city of Naples in Italy became a bustling city filled with poor working people who needed to eat quick and cheap lunches and dinners. Street vendors began to pop up serving the original cheese pizza. A slice on the go for a great price made pizza the best food option for workers.

Pizza is still, to this day, one of our favorite fast foods, but the best part about the doughy delight is that it can actually be healthy. We all fall victim to the doughy crust, cheesy bites, and flavorful toppings, but the good news is the same taste that can be delivered in a 400 calorie slice of pizza can be satisfied in a 150 calorie slice of pizza. Here’s a round up of 10 fantastically healthy pizza recipes to try at home!

Pizza Margerita via My Recipes


Let’s start with a classic Neapolitan pizza: the Margherita. Just mozzarella, tomato, and basil; nothing fancy about it, but it still tastes like a slice of Italian heaven.

Pizza with Wilted Greens, Almonds, and Ricotta via Shape


There is only one cheese we love more than mozzarella and thats ricotta. This pizza is filled with protein and leafy greens to keep you a healthy full!

Greek Style Pizza via Health


If there is anything we know for sure it is that the Greeks know how to eat. Feta, Spinach, and olives make this pizza not only delicious but acceptable for maintaining a diet.

Mushroom-Prosciutto Pizza via My Recipes


A little meat never killed anyone (we don’t think at least)! Try a thin crust pizza with mushrooms and prosciutto to add some substance to the meal. It may feel like cheating, but a healthy amount of meat is actually great for sources of iron and protein!

Lemony Blackened Broccoli Pizza via SpaBettie


We all know the benefits of broccoli, but we always underestimate its incredible taste when combined with a fan favorite like pizza. Add a zest of lemon to all that and you got yourself a dinner bursting with flavor and vitamins!

Sausage and Pepper Pizza via Prevention


Here is another pizza with some meat to spice up a thin crusted pizza. Substitute real sausage with spicy turkey sausage and you have a pizza that will light your tastebuds on fire.

Spinach and Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Pizza via Delish


This pizza strays from the norm, but certainly not in a bad way. Stuffed pizza is a trend in pizza that everyone loves. It may take some getting used to, but changing things up a bit is always a good way to add some variety to your life!

Fresh Tomato and Chicken Pizza via Fitness


Tell us this picture doesn’t look delectable. Thin slices of chicken layered on top of a pizza crust is the perfect meal to throw together as an appetizer for a party or a quick dinner!

Vegan Artichoke Pizza via The Daily Green


Do we have any Vegans out there? Well even if you aren’t vegan, this pizza is chock full of delicious veggies and ingredients that are generally better for your health. Try it out if you are interested in learning a vegan recipe!

Black Bean Nacho Pizza via Eating Well


For our last recipe choice, Bitesize decided to get adventurous. We aren’t sure if nacho pizza is actually tasty, but the ingredients seem like they might make for some different toppings. Try out the recipe and let us know what you think!

Which healthy pizza will you try?


  1. I haven’t had pizza in upwards of 11 years! Can you believe it! However, when I could eat eggs (yep, I have been egg free since January 🙁 ) I used to mix eggs with oregano, salt, pepper, hot pepper flake and paprika & maybe a little parsley and it tasted SOOOO much like pizza! I am sure if I topped it with tomato sauce and maybe some meat crumbles, it would REALLY taste like pizza! 🙂


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