New Fitness App Connects to Personal Trainers in Real Time

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The problem with most fitness apps is that they are packed with so much information about how to safeguard your wellness but most people don’t know where to start. The abundance of health apps on the market can be confusing without the help of a professional, and this is what this new fitness app aims to accomplish.

Goqii (pronounced as “go key”) was made to eliminate the confusion concerning fitness apps by partnering users with a live trainer. The PT contacts users through messages and calls, and will instruct them in the best ways to meet their goals. It had its soft launch in the U.S. but is now available for users across the world.

Goqii’s personal coaching aspect can be utilized through a subscription service, as well as using a compatible fitness band such as Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Apple Watch, and Google Fit-enabled devices. Regardless of the tracker, the app subscription service will cost users $29 each month.

The app keeps track of the steps, calories, and sleep, and logs meals and water intake. One of the best things about the app is that the more you work out, the more karma points you earn, which in turn can be converted to cash for the charities that the app supports.

Today, most fitness companies utilize the power of apps and smartphones in order to reach a bigger audience. Many people around the world, after all, use smartphones for completing everyday tasks, and this includes using them to help exercise and eating healthy. Gaming Realms, a company that deals with the creation, implementation, and hosting of a number of online gaming titles including a range of popular slots, implies that investing heavily in mobile titles can deliver effective results in the long run, all while paying a relatively low cost in development costs. This is primarily the reason why fitness and health apps are plentiful in both iTunes and the Google Play Store, with many big brands seeking huge returns from their investments in apps.

For more information about the app, visit Goqii’s official website.


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