Music Monday: Warm Up With Calvin Harris

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve definitely spent the last two days binge-eating popcorn (and maybe some other treats) and being lazy. I always have to tell myself that it’s GOOD to take a few days to be lazy every so often, as long as when Monday morning rolls around you get your butt back to the gym. This week’s Music Monday workout is serving as some much needed motivation for me.

The workout is a short, high intensity warm up circuit that will get your blood flowing and your body ready for your real Monday morning workout. This circuit includes exercises like jumping jacks and mountain climbers to help you break a sweat. It also included things like burpees and push ups to get your muscles working hard. Don’t be fooled by how short this list of exercises is, they are sure to get your heart rate up. Due to the fact that the majority of the workout consists of plyometric movements as well, this makes for optimal calorie-torching and  endurance building.

The song of the week is “Summer” by Calvin Harris. This song is upbeat, loud, and great to workout to. It’s also an awesome reminder that summer is just around the corner, even if it’s still cold outside now, it will be here sooner than you think. Make sure you’re beach body is ready for bikini season with this fun and easy to follow Music Monday workout. This workout is great because you can do it just about anywhere. It requires no weights or mats so you can do it in your bedroom, at the gym, or at a friends’ house. As long as you get up and get going, it makes no difference where you workout! try to finish this circuit two or three times through for an amazing warm up that will leave you feeling sweaty and ready for the rest of your Monday morning workout! Happy Monday!

The Beat:

The Workout:

warm up workout.jpg


What gets you going on a Monday morning?

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