Music Monday: Warm Up with Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding

Sometimes it’s hard to get your workout going first thing in the morning, especially on a Monday. Don’t let that Monday laziness sabotage all your progress and hard work at the gym. When you feel like you don’t want to run or can’t push yourself to break a sweat, reach for something new. A new playlist, a few new moves, a new atmosphere, something. When I’m stuck in a routine rut, I try to change up my tunes and add a few new things to my training circuit. Adding new mini workouts wakes your whole body up and uses different muscles, which is ideal to help you get the best workout and the best results. “I Need Your Love” by Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding is an awesome wake-me-up song. It’s super upbeat and has great lyrics to sing to (well…I sing along). This song is the perfect Monday morning motivation, pair it with a quick warm up to get your blood pumping and you’re off to the races-or at least to the elliptical. This short circuit is designed to get your muscles warm and help you start to break a sweat. It’s only four minutes long but I guarantee you’ll be panting by the end- don’t worry that’s a good thing. What makes this warm up so effective is that you’re continually moving. There is no break so you’re muscles are constantly working. Whatever you do, don’t stop!



music monday sweat express

 What’s your favorite Monday morning wake up song?


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