Music Monday: Leg Workout with Zedd

Rise and shine people. Monday is back and she’s here to stay! Get this week started the right way- at the gym. With summer creeping up quickly I hope everyone has been working on their beach bodies! Not quite ready? No problem because we have got you covered with awesome and easy-to-complete Music Monday workout circuits. These will target every part of your body and will help you get in shape without spending hours at the gym (ain’t nobody got time for that).

This week’s Music Monday is a super intense leg workout that will have your quads burning before you know it. Your legs are super important to work when you’re weight training because they provide a sturdy base for the rest of your body (not to mention toned legs are always always always nice to have). Squat, lunge, jump, and run your way into toned, sexy legs with this weeks Music Monday workout. The song for this week is “Find You” by Zedd featuring Matthew Koma and Miriam Bryant. This song is super upbeat and is awesome to jump around to. I run to this song a lot, and it also makes a great sing-in-the-car or dance-in-the-shower jam as well.

This week, focus on holding your squats and lunges for at least three seconds between each rep for best results. No cheating. Don’t plop down and shoot back up without really working any muscle groups. Concentrate on holding every muscle (hamstrings, quads, and even abs) as you go through the movement. The muscle-mind connection is sure to bring astounding results. Also – and we know this feels impossible sometimes – try to focus and work through the burning sensation. If you workout alone, it’s easy to tell yourself, “Oh well, that’s enough,” but you really have to push yourself to see a visible change in your body composition.

Once your muscles start to burn, they really start working and the better your workout will be. You’ll feel that much more accomplished. If your legs starts to feel like Jell-O, rest for three seconds and then keep going. Try to complete the circuit three times (at least twice awake) and pair it with some type of cardio exercise to get your heart rate up. Good luck and Happy Monday!

The Beat:

The Workout:

leg workout.jpg


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