Music Monday: Cardio Circuit with Pitbull

It’s finally almost spring which means that early Monday mornings won’t be quite as dreadful (emphasis on the quite). At least from now on, it will actually be bright outside when you wake up bright and early to hit the gym. Gone are the days of pitch black mornings and working out in complete darkness. Now that it’ll be actually be light outside when you wake up for your sweat session, you’ll have much more incentive to hop out of bed and get your tush to the gym.

Try sleeping with your blinds slightly open, the natural light filtering into your room everyday will help wake you up and get your day going. You can also try setting you alarm tone to your favorite, upbeat song. This might help you wake up in a good mood and get you to the gym. When all else fails, put your alarm clock (or phone with your alarm on it) on the other side of the room. At the very least, this will force you to get out of bed to hit the snooze button, and once you’re out of bed you have no excuse not to go workout!

This week’s Music Monday workout is an awesome cardio circuit that will have you breaking a sweat and feeling great in no time. Short burst exercises like burpees, jumping jacks, and high knees allow you to get your heart rate up without wasting time on the treadmill. In addition, each move puts a focus on your lower body and abs so you’ll be ready for short dresses and bikinis in no time. It is basically spring, right? Feel free to repeat this circuit anywhere from 5-10 times depending on how you fare with cardiovascular endurance.

The song of the week is “Wild Wild Love” by Pitbull. It is upbeat, exciting, and fun to listen to. Pitbull is always great while working out because of his high energy and fast pace. This song will definitely get you ready for your morning workout but it’s also fun to dance to while you’re in the shower! Happy Monday!

The Beat:

The Workout:

cardio blast.jpg


What’s your favorite workout song?

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