Music Monday: Cardio Blast With The Chainsmokers

Monday is always the worst part of the week, but what if we told you how to make it just a little bit better, you just might change your tune. One of the best feelings is that of satisfaction after a Monday morning workout. We know just how dreadful that sounds, but trust us, if you get your butt up, out the door, and into the gym, you definitely will not regret it. With summer just around the corner and bikini season only a few short weeks away, time is money! Get up and get to work. Results will follow!

This week’s Music Monday workout is an awesome cardio blast that will wake you up, get your heart racing, your blood pumping, and your body sweating. Packed with easy to follow moves like mountain climbers and jumping jacks, you’ll be feeling great in no time! Although the circuit is short, it is important to give it your all and try your best to not stop for rests. Complete the circuit as many times as you feel comfortable, aiming for three to five times. This will provide an awesome sweat and perfect start to your work week. You will be surprised how much work these simple moves truly are. Goes to show that running on the treadmill is not the only way to get you losing fat!

The song for this week’s Music Monday workout is “#Selfie” by the Chainsmokers. It is fun to listen to. Plus, the beat is awesome and fast-paced. The words are a little silly, so we’re keeping the mood light and fun. No need to get emotional! Turn the volume all the way up and get ready to sweat! Get to work and Happy Monday everyone!

The Beat:

The Workout:

cardio workout.jpg

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