Music Monday: Arm Workout With Pharrell Williams

Sometimes all you need to get your week started off on the right foot is a great Monday morning workout. I know, that’s easier said than done. However, with some upbeat, motivational music, and a kick ass workout regimen, this whole ‘going to the gym’ thing doesn’t have to be so treacherous.

This week’s edition of Music Monday features an awesome song and a killer arm workout that will have your heart beating and your muscles working hard. The song of the week? “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. That’s right, the song that got Lupita Nyong’o, Meryl Streep, and Amy Adams up and dancing at the Oscars last night is sure to get you pumped up.

In addition, we paired it with an arm workout that will have you up and ready for the gun show in no time. “Happy” is an uplifting song with an awesome beat that’s perfect for your Monday morning workout. It will help get rid of those Monday blues and help get you feeling motivated and positive about the upcoming week. This week’s arm workout has great circuit exercises like push ups, jumping jacks, and burpees to get your heart rate up and help squeeze in a little bit of cardio for ultimate fat burning potential. This routine also has bicep curls and planks which will help strengthen your arms and your core. While planking, remember to keep your hips down and your back straight. This minor adjustment to your form will help make your workout that much more effective and you will really start to notice results. Try to repeat the circuit 3 times through for a great workout you will really benefit from. Pair this Music Monday with thirty minutes of cardio for a well-rounded, kick ass Monday morning workout.

The Beat:

The Workout:

arm workout

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