10 Superfoods That Will Boost Your Mood & Energy

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Why do we eat chocolate when we are sad or drink coffee to stay awake? Is it possible to keep your mood under control by eating specific foods? While eating cannot solve all your problems, it is true that some foods act as magic pills when we are depressed, tired or under stress.

As a matter of fact, these are mostly foods that contain vitamins B, magnesium, omega 3 acids, protein and amino acids that are all known to balance hormone levels in the brain and boost energy. When you come home after a long day at work, you know there are still many things to be done at home. Your energy and mood levels are low and you would rather go straight to bed than mow the lawn or take the dog out for a walk. This is exactly where super foods can lend a helping hand.

Take a look at the following list and choose which of these options work best for you:



Dark chocolate is just perfect for your heart and brain. After all, it makes you feel good and helps you stay focused. The following should be noted, however. Dark chocolate should contain more than 60% of cocoa to be considered healthy and to raise happiness hormone levels in the brain. In addition, chocolate is highly recommended because there are more antioxidants in one piece of this dark super food than in apples.



Try to replace your afternoon coffee with a cup of walnuts and hazelnuts to boost your mood and energy and get ready for the rest of your day. Walnuts are amazing not only because they are shaped to look like a brain but also because they contain good fats that lower blood pressure and increase the feelings of happiness. Walnuts affect your brain the same way as Nootropic supplements that are used to boost energy.


Make a tuna sandwich when you feel down and see the results. Sea fish is rich in omega 3 and 6 acids that improve cognitive skills and boost your mood. Your anxiety and depression symptoms will decrease and your body will be fit for new life challenges.


Green TeaA cup of coffee can really boost your energy and mental skills while reducing tiredness. It is important not to drink too much, but you cannot go wrong with two cups of coffee or one cup of green tea per day. The two super foods or better to say, super drinks are rich in ingredients that enhance concentration.


blueberries benefits

People in Nordic countries are well aware of the benefits of blueberries and they eat them to fight depression in long winters with little sunlight. Berries, in general, are known to boost mood and energy as they contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and good enzymes. Find more details at Pure Nootropics.


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When you eat lean meat rich in proteins, you increase the levels of serotonin – hormone responsible for feeling good. This kind of meat is great for dealing with depression so think of this the next time you feel hopeless.


This exotic fruit smells so good and is used in cosmetics because of its healing properties. You can drink coconut milk for more hydration to keep your cells fresh and your brain young. Coconut helps our nerves to rejuvenate and it quickly boosts your mood. One of the best times to take a sip of some ice cold coco water? Right after a workout, of course!


We all remember this sentence that our mums used to make us eat more veggies. Mums are right – green vegetables are an excellent source of iron and folic acid that are necessary for fighting fatigue and bad mood.


This is one super food you should have on your daily menu for the rest of your life. Oatmeal boosts energy; it is rich in vitamin B and stabilizes your blood sugar. Eat it with berries for better results.


Tart Cherries - Muscle Soreness

This fruit should become your favorite. Cherries help you on several levels, they increase your pain tolerance, they help you calm down when you feel irritated and if you have a bowl of cherries before sleep, you will wake up feeling positive about the world.

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Which of these mood boosting foods do you count on?

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