Easy Tips To Improve Your Posture

After a long day at work, you come home, flop down on your couch, and turn on the TV. But as if on cue, your back starts to bother you. You comb your brain to think of what you could have done to cause this pain. There was no heavy lifting you endured recently, no bad falls or torn muscles. So why does your entire back feel like you were hit by a truck? The answer lies in the mistake you’re making at your desk every day, and don’t even realize.

Poor posture has been proven to contribute to circulatory problems as well as chronic neck pain. Now, scientists are even saying that maintaining poor posture can lead to a decrease in productivity at work. Let me guess, between the moment you started reading this article and this sentence, you’ve straightened up your back.

Slouching and sitting improperly are common occurrences that effects those who spend more of their work day at a desk. It’s human nature; you relax you muscles, you bring your body closer to the computer screen, you scrunch up your neck. However, it’s not just at work that you need to be mindful.

The way you carry yourself, in any activity, is important. If you’re running with incorrect posture, you’re going to aggravate your muscles more. Same goes with sleeping; waking up with the crick in your neck is a sign of a poor sleeping position.

But fear not! Our friends at Greatist have come up with a handy dandy infograph on how to keep your posture on point. You can even print it out and tape it to your office computer as a handy reminder. Check it out the posture tips below and see all of the easy ways to remedy your mistakes. And take our word for it, soon these quick fixes will become more second nature than your 2 o’clock slouch.

improve posture

Image via Greatist

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What tips do you have to improve posture?