How To Wash Your Face With Oil

How To Do An Oil Facial

When the mercury drops our skin can take a real beating and that blustery winter air can really ravage ones face. So what is a girl to do if she wants to keep her skin looking like she just stepped out of summer?

Wash her face with oil, of course!

Curious? Shocked? Intrigued? Wondering what the heck I’m talking about? Good. Read on.

Why You Should Clean Your Face With Oil

I know, you must be thinking I’m crazy and you’re not alone. In fact, when I first heard about the Oil Cleansing Method, I too was a little wary.

But it turns out that this simple skincare solution is one of the best ways to wash your face. And if you are worried about breaking out thanks to the extra oil on your face, don’t be.

The truth is that acne is not actually caused by oil. It’s a combination of hormones and dirt and bacteria that gets caught in our pores which leads to breakouts.

What’s more is when you wash your face with cleansers that strip your face of its natural oils, your skin deals with this by producing even more oil, or stops producing oil all together which eventually dries out your skin.

Still don’t believe me? Think back to those yawn-inducing High School Chemistry classes where you learned that ‘like dissolves like.’ Well, in this case, ‘oil dissolves oil.’

So, how does it work?

How To Wash Your Face Using Oil

What makes this skincare system even more enticing is how easy, and cheap, it is to incorporate into your daily routine.

All you need is:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil will also work)
  • Pure Castor Oil

That’s it. That’s all you need.

From there you just need to figure out your ratios. For those ladies who are blessed with normal skin, try mixing equal parts EVOO (or theoil of your choice) with pure Castor Oil. For those who have more acneic or skin that is quite oily, try three parts Castor Oil with one part Extra Virgin Olive Oil. And for those women with dry or sensitive skin, mix one part Castor Oil with three parts Olive Oil.

You may have to play around with your ratios, but that should give you a good starting point.

From there the process is simple:

  • after having mixed your oils together, pour a quarter-size amount into your (clean) hands
  • rub your hands together and massage the oil into your skin using a circular motion
  • cover your entire face with the oil and rub it in for about two minutes
  • grab a steaming hot facecloth and place it over your face
  • leave the facecloth there until it cools to room temperature
  • using the facecloth wipe off the excess oil
  • do not rinse your face or further moisturize

The oils that you rub into your skin will help to break down the oils and dirt on your skin, while the steam from the facecloth will help to draw out the impurities that can get caught in our pores. Not only will this help to completely clean your face, but it will infuse your skin with the natural oils it needs to protect itself and nourish your skin cells.

Et voila! A quick, easy, and natural way to hydrate and protect your skin during these harsh winter months that will leave your face looking radiant, and keep some of that hard earned cash money in your bank…where it belongs!

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  1. It’s funny, people always told me to put coconut oil on my face as a moisturizer but when I did, I broke out like a crazy woman and I do not break out that much! Had to stop. It’s too bad though because it was a pretty decent moisturizer!

    I am a little scared to put olive oil on my face because of this experience.


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