3 Ways to Use Lavender to Help De-stress Your Life

When you’re feeling stressed out or want to make your home more comforting, your go-to de-stressor should be lavender. Lavender is extremely aromatherapeutic, and provides natural stress relief. And the best part is, you can use this happy little flower everywhere. Today, in the vide above, HGTV is showing us three unique ways to incorporate lavender in our lives and how to de-stress.

The first idea is to create a pretty lavender wreath. To get started, you’ll need a metal macrame ring, floral wire, wire snips, scissors, and of course, lavender. Simply bundle the lavender with floral wire, and tie it to the metal ring. In just a few easy steps you’ll have instant relaxation.

The next idea involves making lavender sachets, which are perfect to put in your pillow cases, or really anywhere in your home. All you need are small sachets and dried lavender. Once you pour a good amount of lavender into the bags, place them anywhere that needs a nice smell!

And finally, you can actually use lavender to create a delicious lemonade. This recipe calls for sliced strawberries mixed with a pinch of dry lavender. Place those into a glass, and pour a classic lemonade mix right on top. Delicious!

Watch the video above to see all of the tutorials!

Do you know any other ways on how to de-stress with lavender?


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