The Only Way You Should Prepare Chicken This Summer

Whether you prefer your chicken baked, roasted, grilled or fried, there is no denying that for many meat-eaters, chicken is an easy, excellent way to get in your lean protein.

More likely than not, however, you have gotten stuck in a bit of a “chicken rut”. While you don’t have to be Ina Garten to make a mean chicken dish, changing up your trusty go-to recipe could be just what you need.

For example, have you ever tried grilling a whole chicken instead of roasting it? This helpful video will walk you through the entire process without causing any dangerous fires. This idea is not only easier than you would think, but also offers a smokier flavor you, your family and your friends will enjoy. Keep the leftovers and you will have lunch ready for the rest of the week.

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What is your favorite grilled chicken recipe?

Featured image via flickr


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