Wellness Around the World: Green Juice from LA’s Pressed Juicery


pressed juicery


Although we may be based in NYC, our curiosity for healthy living extends far beyond the island of Manhattan.

If you were to start researching destinations for the best wellness spots, one of the first cities you’ll come across is Los Angeles. Aside from LA having fabulous weather year round and some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, all of the latest wellness trends have become the norm in this city.

One company in particular whose popularity is rising more and more every day is Pressed Juicery, one of California’s top fresh juice hotspots. Luckily for west coast green juice junkies, seven of their storefronts are in LA alone. No matter where in La La Land you may be, there will always be a Pressed Juicery close by.

When we visited their Westwood location last week, we asked to try the most popular green juice on their menu. They pointed us towards the “Greens 2” juice which is a combination of eight healthy fruits and vegetables. Veggies like kale and spinach make the juice fresh and green, while fruits like apple and lemon add sweetness and variety to the flavor. After sipping on this juice and savoring every drop, Greens 2 has landed on our list of favorite juices.

Another thing we love about Pressed Juicery is that you can follow the masterminds behind the juice online on The Chalkboard. Here, they are “a study in living well” while they write about the latest health and wellness tips and trends.

Interested in trying out Pressed Juicery for yourself? Browse their online menu, and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Have you ever tried Pressed Juicery? Which juice on their menu makes your mouth water?


  1. Oh goodness, I have tried this. Greens 1 tastes like grass! I actually wrote about it on my blog, “liquid salads” – I like to eat real (well I guess the juice is “real” lol), whole food… LOL!


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