Fave Things Friday: Workout Recovery Tools

As every fitness enthusiast knows, it’s not only about working out to look your best, but also about taking time to rest and stretch to feel your best.

Lately there has been a huge emphasis on rest and recovery, with evidence showing that taking time off to let your muscles and joints heal after intense workouts not only reduces chances of “burnout” but also helps them get stronger. Now,  as if we needed any more reasons to take a nap throughout the day!

However, it’s not only about napping. Many swear on certain recovery, stretching, and massage tools. The following products help rid you of those unwanted aches and pains by getting deep inside your muscular tissue.

1. Nimbus EnduraBead Pro Foam Roller by Exervo

foam roller exervo

First up, the tried and true foam roller. You have probably seen these lying around your gym but have no idea how to use one or what its benefits are. It’s main purpose is to massage out the tight knots in your muscles. Whether you run, lift, or only do yoga, it’s always necessary to massage out those tight spots! Doing so will help prevent injury, de-stress, and  maintain your flexibility. Not only does it have all these benefits but it’s also fairly easy to use. Simply lie on top, holding your body weight on your hands and roll out!

2. Hybrid Stick by The Stick

hybrid stickThe stick is quite similar to a foam roller in that you have to “roll out” your tight spots. However, this handheld stick is used for targeting areas specifically. Breaking up the fascia build up in your muscles, which causes tightness and soreness. By simply rolling this over your hamstrings, quads, back, or anywhere else you may desire, you will feel almost immediate relief. And, what could be better than getting an at home massage?

3. YTU Therapy Balls by Yoga Tune Up

YTU balls

Yoga Tune Up Balls are a relatively new concept and trend in the rest and recovery world of fitness. These two balls provide targeted self-massage to specific trigger points in your body. By following specific movement routines through online or purchased videos, the Yoga Tune Up Method will help relieve anything from stiff necks and “frozen” shoulders to plantar fasciiitis and foot pain.

Do you have your own workout recovery routine?

Featured photo credit: lululemon athletica via photopin cc


  1. i am a sometimes-contortionist, and i swear by a simple hot bath to relax everything after an audition or performance. That, and a couple of ibprofen;)


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