Fave Things Friday: The Staple Gym Bag

fave things friday staple gym bag

As a gym rat, I find nothing chicer than a gym bag. Also, I find nothing as attractive. A mediocre looking guy will immediately go up several notches on the “Hotness Scale (Of My Imagination)” if he has a gym bag in tow. You’re heading to the gym? Me too! Soul mates!

But really, having a gym bag is essential if you’re planning on making the gym a regular part of your routine. When you first begin “dabbling” in gym life, you’ll attempt to stuff your sweaty clothes and smelly sneakers in any purse big enough to hold these items. I promise you that you will regret that with time. Unless you’re a magical fairy that doesn’t sweat, that bag of yours will start stinking up a storm… and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

Invest in a gym bag. Not only will it make you feel like part of the “in” club at the gym, but it might even motivate you to go! Wouldn’t want to put that purchase to waste would you? Here are some of our favorites:


NIKE Varsity Girl 2.0 $45


Are you a low-key gal? No frills, all sweat? Well, this is the perfect bag for you. Personally, I don’t understand how/why people get all colorful when they head to the gym. All my outfits are variations on the shade of black. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not emo and I love to dress up when I’m out in the real world, but really, that white top is not going to be so cute when your SWEAT is all over it, now is it? To put it plainly, this bag gets the job done. With pockets up the wazoo and enough space to fit your wardrobe in there, this is the perfect accompaniment to your active routine.

LuLu Lemon Back to Class Backpack $128

lululemon backpack

If you’re more of a backpack gal, here’s a great one for you. While it may be smaller, rest assured you’ll fit all your necessities in here. Even though it’s called “Back to Class” we think you could use this for the gym too.

Herschel Supply Co. Duffel Bag $80

printed gym bag

If you’re a bit of a fashionista or like your accessories to be slightly funkier, let us recommend this printed bag. While there are plenty of other “fashionable” gym accessories out there, we think there’s a fine line between chic and overkill. This duffel makes sure not to cross that line.

What bag do you take to the gym?

Featured photo credit: hdes.copeland via photopin cc


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