Fave Things Friday: Fitness Trends

fitness trends


Fitness trends can be tough to navigate. There always are some that claim to be the “newest” or “best kept secret” out there, there always will be negative reports to confuse us, and then once we’ve decided what we like…there will always be even more hitting the scene. Yoga, Pilates, and Crossfit – Oh My! 

Here is a look into what trends have excited us. No if’s and’s or but’s about it.

Becoming a fitness class regular

Take your pick: Spinning, dancing, conditioning, yoga, Pilates. Being a regular in a fitness class, finding your favorite instructors, meeting workout buddies, and repping your studio’s apparel is all the rage. Getting your heart pumping in a group is a lot more fun than working out alone! Try out some of these classes: SoulCycle, Physique 57, CrossFit, Zumba and Bikram Yoga. (Check out Shape Magazine’s list of workouts as well! )


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Fun and Fab Workout Clothes

Even though we do love our classic black Lululemon yoga pants, workout clothes full of color and pattern are filling up stores and our closets. If you’re fashion forward, or even just have an appreciation for clothes, why sacrifice looking cute while working out? We love all of the bright color and funky patterns that we have been seeing, and can’t wait to try some of the fashion collaborations for gym clothes. Stella McCartney for Adidas? Yes Please!


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Disco Yoga

There is no stopping the yoga craze. Your practice may now include a Flashdance soundtrack  and a DJ if you attend a Disco Yoga class. Why it works? Disco reminds people of love and freedom which is exactly what you want to find with every yoga pose. Plus, we aren’t opposed to wearing yoga pants with peace signs. The yoga hybrid is popping up across the country and we think that yoga will continue to diversify.

 disco yoga

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 What fitness trends are you interested in? Have you participated in any of the above?


  1. I am not in top the if the trends-my exercise is ballet class, hiking, or my exercise bike and weights at home. But I tried hot yoga and if I lived in Chicago and it was winter (the place and time when I tried it) I’d probably e into it because it felt so good to get out of the cold.
    That being said I live in LA so the yoga disco sounds like a blast!

  2. OMG Disco Yoga would be AMAZINGLY HYSTERICAL. I hate yoga in general but this one I think I would NEED to try out! 😉 I can image the types of people that would come to the class too… I might get so distracted I dance into the wall or something! Ah ha ha… I really want to try the elliptical trainer that is like a bike – I would cruise around town… People would definitely be staring! lol.


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