Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Workout Buddies

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip - Workout Buddies - Gym Motivation

Let’s face it — sometimes, working out by yourself can get a little boring! Solve your boring workout blues by getting fit with a friend. Having a reliable workout buddy will make your exercise sesh feel a lot less like work and a lot more like fun, and having another person there with you can also make you feel more accountable (and therefore, apt to be more successful) for your workouts. Just be sure your workout buddy is the motivational type and won’t discourage you from making good progress!

Do you prefer working out with friends or alone?

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  1. I much prefer working out alone. I do not like classes very much and I don’t like working out with others because… I want to focus on what I am doing. ANDD I work out far longer than anyone I know. If they want to come work out with me for the last 1/2 hour of my work out, that’s cool because that last 1/2 is kind of my “cool down” when I can focus more on other things aside from my heart rate, but don’t work out with me from the get-go lol! That being said – I am only talking CARDIO here. I can do pilates with others 🙂

  2. I definitely prefer having a workout buddy! It helps take my mind off the fact that I’m working out, and makes it fun. My dog, Mr. Chow is my running buddy, my BF is my cardio class buddy, and I love hiking with girlfriends. Having a workout buddy also helps you keep your commitment to working out, because you don’t want to bail on friends who are counting on you.


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