Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Soothe Tension Headaches

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip - Fight Headaches With Essential Oils

Prone to tension headaches? Ditch the ibuprofen and try a more all-natural approach! Rub Tiger Balm, peppermint oil, or white flower oil into your temples — since all three contain menthol which is known to soothe pain, you can say “good riddance” to feeling terrible. Plus, it’s like giving yourself a mini massage (and they all smell amazing!) You can’t beat that!

How do you get rid of tension headaches?

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  1. I have heard that TIGER BALM is also good at reducing the appearance of bruises, and to be honest, a massage therapist once did it to me and it REALLY WORKS! So i can only imagine it working really well for tension headaches too!


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