Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Meal Planning Theme Nights

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daily bite wellness tip meal planning

 Meal planning can get boring if you keep eating the same exact foods all the time. To make it more interesting, try having meal planning theme nights. This way you will know what to expect and you can also try something new. For example, If Saturday is taco night, first you can have fish tacos and next Saturday you can have Asian inspired tacos. Although the foods may be similar, you can use the flavors to transform it in to something completely different. Other ideas for themed nights are pasta night, casserole night, soup night, and breakfast for dinner night.

 Have you tried meal planning theme nights?

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  1. Theme nights sound fun, however, I am actually pretty content with my current meal “structure” – and I know that Japanese restaurants make Japanese food far better than me, same goes for Greek or Middle Eastern, ha! That being said, my father rocks at cooking, so this could be far more fun if he were cooking me meals!


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