Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Chair Workout

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daily bite wellness tip chair workout

To do strength training at home try working out with a chair. With just one chair you can work out your entire body, including your abs, triceps and quads. If your looking for a places to start there are many DVDs on chair aerobics. Some other popular exercises for chair workouts are seated jacks, leg lifts, chair running, and push ups. Before the workout, make sure the chair is sturdy and the floor is not slippery. The best kind of chair to use would be a folding chair because it is not to bulky.

Do you use a chair for exercise?

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  1. There are a ton of different ways you can workout using everyday items. Even while sitting on the computer reading or working you can flex your abs for a few minutes a day and you would be surprised at how much stronger your core gets, quickly.

    Congrats on graduating Syracuse too, love those Orangemen 🙂


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