Daily Bite [Watch]: The United States Is Ranked 17th Happiest Country

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If you’re the type to pay attention to the world at large and the economy, then you know that Gross Domestic Product (GDP), population growth and deficits are how we usually find ourselves comparing countries to one another. Last year, that all changed after the United Nations released its first “World Happiness Report.” The report was calculated by using a poll that studied participants answers in six categories: their country’s GDP,  the amount of support the get from friends and family, if the population has a healthy life expectancy, the prevalence of generosity in their society, their freedom to make life choices, and their perception of corruption in their country.

So the question is, are you happy where you live? In this year’s report, findings show that the top five happiest countries in the world are Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Netherlands, and Sweden (in that order). If you’re from that area, lucky you! The United States ranked 17th out of 156, just after Mexico and right before Ireland. Sounds like Europe is doing pretty well, but the United States isn’t too far behind, either.

Wondering why those countries are have the happiest citizens in the world? This video explains all of the cultural aspects in those countries that contribute to their population’s happiness. Check it out!

How happy are you?

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  1. I have to say, I am probably the happiest person I KNOW! I am known for always being super energetic and peppy and I have to attribute some of my HAPPY MOOD to my diet and exercise lifestyle! I eat very healthfully, seriously… And I work out every single day!! Both things keep me very confident with myself. I also get lots of sleep and socialize enough to keep me HAPPY!


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