Daily Bite [Watch]: CookingChannel Fruit Parfait Recipe

fruit parfait

Everybody loves fruit and yogurt parfait right? We feel as if hating fruit parfait is the health-conscious-person version of hating chocolate, it’s just not allowed. Since we’ve now established a unanimous love for parfait, Amy Cao over at CookingChannel has our back with this awesome recipe!

Not only does this recipe look simple and delicious, it is also fun to watch! Amy delivers a fun and adorable attitude while reminding us she’s using 10 strawberries because you would use five per person, and she’s feeding two. Amy also reminds us that fruit parfait is a pretty versatile food item, great for breakfast, a good in between snack, and even an indulgent (albeit healthy) dessert. The recipe calls for strawberries, heavy whipping cream, your preferable type of yogurt,  graham crackers, and sugar. After some quick fruit slicing and sugar dusting, whip some cream, throw in some sugar and “whisk it for like three minutes, until it becomes whipped cream.” Crush your graham crackers, and then assemble the deliciousness.

What’s your favorite parfait recipe?

Feature Photo: CookingChannelTV




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