Best Workout Clothes – SQUAT WOLF Product Review

I had the chance to try out the Dubai born fitness brand called SQUATWOLF. I had the opportunity to try out 4 different pieces of clothing by SQUATWOLF and here is the entire rundown, from fit to fabric and everything in between.

I was given the following products:

  1. Statement Tee
  2. Hype Jogger Pants
  3. 2-in-1 Dry Tech Shorts
  4. NextGen Stringer

So let’s jump in and see what SQUATWOLF is all about!

Product Name: Statement Tee

On the first look, it looked like any other T-shirt you can get in a store, but after wearing it, I understood what “designed for gym” meant.

The fabric was soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear which indicated that it can be an amazing to wear to the gym, and that is exactly what I did next. My workout consists of high intensity interval training and after my workout the first thing I noticed was that my t-shirt was still dry. SQUATWOLF really had their sweat-wicking down pat.

During my workout I also felt an increase in airflow that is not found in any everyday t-shirt that you wear to the gym. That is probably because of the mesh lining on the back.

Best Workout Clothes For Men

If I were to comment on the fit, it was impeccable. I’m not exactly a big muscular dude, but the body hugging fit even made me look like an athlete. The muscle fit and V-cut on the chest really made me feel like this shirt is what every gym-goer needs.

Product Name: Hype Joggers

The next product seemed like the most stylish one. The Hype Joggers Pants had really embodied the athleisure trend and my first thought upon looking at it was “I can definitely wear this when I go out with my friends”

Just like the previous product, the fabric was soft and comfortable to wear, but I had to put it to the test, so I wore it to the gym. To my surprise, these joggers were not only stylish, but just as functional any other gym wear.

One of the features that really stood out to me which not a lot of people take into consideration was the pockets. I have to listen to music while I work out, there is no way I can work out without it and the moisture resistant zipper pockets were excellent for holding my phone without me worrying about my phone slipping out while I’m on the leg press machine.

Call it coincidence but right after my gym session that day, I was called to hang out with my friends and it was super lucky that I had my Hype Joggers on. I can safely say that these joggers are totally acceptable to wear in both the gym and the outdoors, according to my friends that kept on asking me where I got them from.

Product Name: 2-in-1 Dry-Tech Shorts

On receiving these shorts, I thought to myself “if you’ve seen one pair of shorts, you’ve seen them all”, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on the 2-in-1 Dry-Tech Gym Shorts.

Again, SQUATWOLF really does go all out on the fabric and comfort. Upon wearing it I could instantly feel how it was different than any other pair of shorts and how it was specifically designed for working out. There was a soft outer short fabric and an inner fabric that I could feel would help in wicking sweat during my workout, but I can’t just assume that, so I went for my morning jog in them.

Halfway through my jog I could already feel the inner fabric layer working its magic and I couldn’t feel a drop of sweat. The way the shorts were designed also increased the air flow. I have been going on my morning jog religiously for a year now and I can safely say that it has never been this comfortable.

Honorable mention to the pockets, because you all know by now that I need my music and the pockets are great for carrying my phone, among other things.

Product Name: Next Gen Stringer

The Next Gen Gym Stringer was the one I was most curious about and wanted to wear the most since I wanted to see what you can change about a normal stringer. Now, I’m more of a lean guy than I am muscular, so wearing the stringer on back day was turning out to be a great motivator and an ego boost as well.

I was surprised that even on back day (one of my most grueling workouts of the week) my stringer remained dry. I actually felt comfortable performing my exercises and if a stringer can withstand my sweat even on back day, it has already won in my book.

Final Thoughts

I received two tops and two bottoms to try out and review, and all-in-all they seemed like they can be the perfect clothes to help make your workouts a lot better.

I would give the fabric and quality 10 out of 10 because there was almost no aw I could find in them even if I wanted to.

For the fit I would give SQUATWOLF a solid 9 out of 10 because even the fit was near perfection and it really did feel like they were engineered for the gym.

In my opinion, SQUATWOLF can be a great gym wear if you’re an avid gym goer or even if you aren’t, the clothes are stylish enough to boss even when you go on a casual outing.


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