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This may be the greatest app I have ever seen. Everest is an app that aims to help its users live life to the fullest by accomplishing their goals. These goals could be training for a 5K, learning how to speak French, or even traveling to India. It could be any dream you’ve ever had in your life. The app breaks down these goals into smaller components, so that after every step is complete, and before  you know it, you’re one step closer to your dreams. It allows you to share pictures, write content, and gives you the opportunity to connect with other users – some with the same goals as you.

This app allows you to literally build your dream by tracking your progress and getting suggestions from others when you’re stuck and need advice. What I think is really interesting about this app is that it essentially gives you the opportunity to be a part of a worldwide community where everyone is just trying to fulfill their dreams. With this app, you have the ability to get support from users and lean on them when you are having difficulty getting over hunches. And soon, these strangers from around the world might become your support team and even close friends.

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This tech start-up believes that”the biggest untapped resource in the world is human potential.” So, it was created to help you tackle your “Everest,” whatever hurdle (or mountain) that may be. It’s all about figuring out the right path to success, setting a schedule to get your life in order, and making reminders so you don’t forget what you need to do for the day. Once you’ve established your goals and schedule, you’re given an incredibly daunting list of tasks that might leave you feeling a little overwhelmed. That being said, it will be okay. We all have to start somewhere.

While you’re going through this unique journey, Everest encourages you capture moments as you chase your dreams. It’s all totally inspirational, and I just so happen to be downloading this onto my iPhone as I type this. I’m that excited. Just because you download the app, however,  does not mean your dream will come true (this isn’t Disney World, my friends). You’re expected to put the work in and never give up. So, what’s your Everest?


  • Gives you a plan on how to accomplish your dream
  • Gives everyday a purpose (if you didn’t have one already)
  • Gives social support
  • The steps are flexible based on your daily schedule
  • Will keep you organized


  • -The daunting list of tasks you need to accomplish will most likely be terrifyingly long
  • Currently has bugs that cause frequent crashes
  • Setting up alerts and notifications can be confusing

 What are your goals and dreams for 2014?

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