All Cabbage is Not Created Equal: Enjoy Some Savoy

Bring this lesser known cabbage into your veggie family.

Who needs the classic purple stuff when you can have cabbage fit for a veggie connoisseur? Savoy cabbage, a February fresh vegetable, is a rugged looking leaf head that is the queen of the cabbage kingdom. Savoy cabbage is also known as Cavolo Verza and if that isn’t a name fit for the royalty of winter vegetables, then I don’t know what is!

This crinkly beauty is a low calorie nutritional powerhouse and packed with dietary fiber and vitamins A, C and K. It is also a great source of protein, calcium, thiamin, manganese and omega-3 fatty acids.

Compared to “regular” cabbage, the savoy variety is milder and lighter in texture. The mellow sweetness of savoy pairs well with saltier foods such as bacon or sausage. The slight sweet, nutty flavor tastes equally delicious with mild flavored foods like white fish.

When picking out your queen cabbage, follow the leafy vegetable rule of selecting a head that is firm with nicely colored, glossy leaves. The head should feel heavy for its volume because if it feels light it is likely on its way to going bad.  Compared to its sturdier counterparts, savoy’s tender leaves don’t keep as long as the tighter heads of cabbage which is one drawback to the winter treat.

This frilly leaved friend is a sure palate pleaser.

Savoy cabbage heads are usually hefty in size so be prepared to use the lacy leaves in several recipes. The joy of this hearty cabbage is that it is incredibly versatile and can be eaten raw or cooked in many applications. Braised, roasted, sautéed, broiled, baked or boiled, this cabbage can be a star component of nearly any dish. Use savoy cabbage in all these way plus more:

  • The wrinkled, crisp leaves are a delicious green addition to salads
  • Add to a soup like minestrone
  • Steam and serve as a side or as a bed for your protein
  • Use for coleslaw or sauerkraut
  • Stuff the leaves with your favorite veggies, rice, potatoes and protein
  • Sauté with garlic and onions and toss of a bit of olive oil
  • Add to your homemade marinara or alfredo sauce
  • Have a unique stir-fry with savoy, garlic ginger and sesame oil. Great with chicken or salmon!

Up your cabbage repertoire and add the mighty tasty savoy to your next grocery list!  6KA2UFE2TY3P

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  1. Ok I studied food and didn’t know about this crinkly goodness! <3 I'm hunting it down this weekend when I do my monthly Whole Foods + Trader Joes road trip! ee! Cant wait to try it! Maybe in stir fry? Love the suggestions paired with the veg info — rocks my world!

    • A Whole Foods & Trader Joes road trip sounds like my kind of trip! Can I come?? I can’t wait to see what recipe you come up with that includes our new wrinkled friend!


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