7 Low-Cal Holiday Cookie Recipes to Bring To Work

The holiday season brings us so much joy and yet so many pounds. It is the time of year when everyone brings a little treat to work to get you in the mood to spread the holiday cheer. Of course, while the extra snacks at work are a more than welcome addition to the everlasting days that lead up the holiday vacations, they are also the reason your Aunt Fanny asks you what size pants you wear at your family’s holiday dinner. To avoid Aunt Fanny’s crass comments this year, bring your own low-cal cookies to work.

Dieting during the holiday season is nearly impossible, so make some compromises. Instead of ingesting 300 calories worth of sugar cookies doused in icing, try a cookie that is less likely to bring you a premature blog clot this season. Not everything low-cal tastes like a the sole of a rubber shoe. Below are some recipes for low calorie cookies to bring with you to work this holiday season. You can sleep better knowing that Aunt Fanny should have no comments and your co-workers will love you just for feeding them!

Sugar Cookies via Chocolate Covered Katie

Whole Grain Sugar Cookies for Low Cal Holiday Cookies

A good ol’ fashion sugar cookie is a holiday delight. These sugar cookies are whole grain and no cholesterol, so there is no excuse not to give them a try!

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies via Self

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies for Low Cal Cookie Recipes

Chocolate chip cookies with any type of nuts in them (especially walnuts) are always a must during the holiday season. What else would Santa eat? These are about 100 calories per cookie and they are worth every one of those calories.

Italian Hazelnut Cookies via Eating Well

Italian Hazlenut Cookies for Low Cal Holiday Cookies

In Italy, these cookies are called Brutti Ma Buoni, which directly translates to “ugly but good”. These cookies are perfectly light and easy to make as a quick treat for work.

Coconut Macaroons via Self

Chocolate Drizzle Coconut Macaroons for Low Cal Holiday Cookie Recipes

There is no holiday season without Macaroons. The good news is, these macaroons are only 52 calories per cookie. Indulge!

Cranberry Honey Spiced PinWheels via Delish

Cranberry Honey Spice Pinwheels for Low Cal Holiday Cookies

These pinwheel cookies may take a long time to make, but they are also easily frozen since they are cut from dough logs. Make these 54 calorie desserts from scratch on a Saturday afternoon and bake them Sunday for a pick me up at work on Monday.

Dark Chocolate Florentines via Delish

Dark Chocolate Florentines for Low Cal Holiday Cookies

Arguably one of the most underrated  holiday cookies is the Florentine. The Florentine is a oat and chocolate sandwich that tastes rich yet lighter than air, leaving you satisfied but not stuffed.

Chocolate Drip Drop Cookies via Fitness Magazine

Double Chocolate Drip Drop Cookies for Low Cal Holiday Cookies

They had us at chocolate… BSW is thinking this cookie should really be named Brutti Ma Buoni. This cookie is normally about 200 calories, but this recipe cuts it down to 132. Enjoy every chocolatey bite!

What is your favorite low-cal holiday cookie recipe?


  1. I just made the most delicious sugar-free sugar cookies the other day!!!!!!! No wheat, dairy, gluten, sugar, soy, or fruit.. And no nuts unless you consider coconut a nut, which, uh it says NUT in the name… LOL – however, peanuts aren’t nuts, so WHO KNOWS!! What exactly is in this recipe? Well, I’ll be posting about it in 2 weeks! 🙂


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