How to Plan a Fit Valentine’s Day with your Sweetheart (or Alone!)

So, it is that time of the year again whether you like it or not. Sometimes Valentine’s Day can simply feel ominous as it slowly rolls around. There is just so much expectation that goes into it whether you are in a relationship or even if you are single. So what are you supposed to do anyways?! Let us give you a few suggestions on how to spend this holiday the fit (and fun!) way.

To All the Single Ladies…

1. Sweat It Out

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There is no better medicine than a good ol’ sweat sesh. This is especially the case if you’ve been feeling a little blue lately. Whether it is because of the weather or your current relationship status, we’re here to remind you that it will be okay! Spend some quality “you” time and pick up up a pair of weights or kick some serious punching bag butt. Check out websites and apps like Classitivity or GroupOn to get the best prices for the best classes in your area the night of the 14th! If you’re down to go with a couple of friends, it will be double the fun.

2. Treat Yo’Self!

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So maybe you work out in the mornings and are at a loss for what to do at night? Pamper yourself, of course! Spend some quality alone time at home. Just because Valentine’s Day is about love doesn’t mean “loving someone else” was specified. Show yourself how much you care by taking a hot bath, applying a face mask, and getting your nails done. Go ahead, girl, you deserve it. Plus, taking the time to take care of your body has endless health and wellness benefits. Need ideas? Check out the homemade masks, recipes, and remedies here.

3. Girl’s Night

girls night
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If you think spending Valentine’s Day alone is out of the question, it is time to rally the troops. A big tradition my friend has is to gather up all her single gal pals (sorry, committed Cathys) and have a big soiree at home. Bring any healthy snacks you desire, pot-luck style, movies you want to see, and perhaps some of your favorite beverages (wine, anyone?). Healthy relationships and friendships are key to a fulfilling life. We can guarantee this will be much better than sitting on the couch, bulldozing through a box of chocolates, and watching Pride & Prejudice (we’ve been there).

If They’ve Already Put a Ring on It (Sort Of)…

1. Go Ice Skating

ice skating
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Yes, ice skating is an awesome way to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved one – however cheesy that might sound. It is a great way to stay active and is prone to make you and your partner have many laughs. This is especially the case if one (or neither) of you is especially good at it. So many times people resort to the typical “dinner and a movie” scenario, but we think there needs to be more emphasis on activity dates. Check out your local skating rink and get to those pirouettes. Plus, if you are lucky, you might be rewarded with some hot chocolate afterwards. Sign us up? Side note, if you’re not in a cold climate, try bike riding!

2. Cook Dinner at Home

via About Your Trip
(via About Your Trip)

Guys always feels like they have to put on an elaborate production on Valentine’s Day and, hey, if you’re into that then do you. However, cooking a dinner together at home is much more romantic than a crowded restaurant. There is no waiting for a table, the quality of the food is much better (how do you think restaurants compensate for the massive influx of people?), and you can make it as healthy as you’d like! Make sure to arrange who brings what and prepare for an amazing evening. Want to take half the work out of it? Get your food ingredients delivered to you. Whether it is through Fresh Direct, Amazon Fresh, or Plated, you won’t go wrong and will have more time to focus on cuddling.

3.  Game Night with Friends

game night
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So, you’re not that into conventional couple-y stuff? Good for you! Host a game night with your friends and stimulate your minds by playing everything from Charades to Monopoly! Head to your local game or toy store for the ultimate in board and electronic selections. No time to run to the store? Play these great party games via Apartment Therapy. They truly are tried and true. Get everyone to bring a snack and you’ve got the ultimate V Day party!

How do you usually spend Valentine’s Day?



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