6 Ways Food can Make You More Beautiful

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What is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned?

I’m thankful my grandparents mentioned ‘from the inside out’ throughout my childhood years. It applies to everything

  •  Don’t expect a fortune to come your way. Generate your own.
  • It’s not about your actions but what your motivations are.
  • The most important aspect of a building is its strength. This comes from its structure, not its décor.
  • You look healthy—and beautiful—if you’re healthy inside. Note: My grandmother never had the need to wear makeup.

I made this my motto in life. And since my grandmother was my ultimate hero I try to emulate her. Here are her tips for looking beautiful.

For Your Skin

I used to get the most compliments about my skin. Apparently this is a major factor in how people rate your beauty and whether you still have a youthful look.

But I love lying in the sun. I know it ages my skin. It seems what comes from the exterior is never beneficial. But I can’t resist the warmth. Over time this ruins your skin, but grandmother had a remedy for everything.

I can keep a healthy balance between with these in my diet:

  • Watermelon has lycopene. This directly counters the effect of UV rays. Think of it as sunscreen generated by your body.
  • You always need antioxidants to fight off aging. They counter the effects of free radicals. One of the best fruits for this is pomegranates. You even get some anthocyanin that firms up the skin with natural collagen.
  • If you’re not a fruit lover you can indulge in lobster. This and other shellfish contain zinc.
  • It will ensure your skin cells get renewed continuously. Oily fish will also chase away wrinkles.

We’re off to a good start. You’ve already countered the wrinkles we all hate. But don’t let other body parts give away your age. One thing that is often an issue as people age, is broken or spider veins appearing. These veins can be extremely unsightly; however, luckily the experts at Dr Newman’s Clinic have a number of treatments to help with such issues.

For Your Hair

I think my grandmother had less stress to contend with. These days stress is the norm. But it caused my hair to fall out.

I got tired of marking my territory with my hair. This isn’t funny. I was shedding hair everywhere and it was embarrassing. Luckily you can get protein, iron and biotin from many general food items:
– Kidney beans
– Brown rice
– Oats
I love that food helps me be healthy without me spending a lot of money!

These foods and hair regrowth pills reviewed by Andrea helped me when even the doctors’ skin treatments didn’t work.

Once again it was proven. From the inside out.

For Your Eyes

You can have beautiful skin but the overall look will be ruined with blood shot, tired looking eyes. And no, the cliché treatment of cucumber on the eyes won’t necessarily work. These days we spend hours in front of computers and TVs. They take their toll on our eyes. But you do have solutions:

  • Why do you have dark circles under your eyes? It could be bad circulation that is easily fixed by adding Vitamin K and C to your diet. Green vegetables such as spinach will help.
  • Bags under your eyes require less salt and more potassium. Eat some avocados.
  • Red eyes can be from allergies or problems with your veins. Garlic combats both these problems.

Here’s an interesting fact: Your eyes reflect how healthy your intestines are. If you can’t clear up your eye problem, perhaps you need some fiber to help clear your gut and vitamin C to fight off inflammation.

For Your Body

If I could I would live on a diet of chocolate. But I can’t. Basic functioning requires many nutrients. You’re probably tired of hearing some of these tips, but there’s a reason you find them on every health blog:

  • You need amino acids to fight off infections.Drink water to flush out all toxins.
  • As mentioned above you need fiber for a healthy gut.
  • It’s the only way your body will be able to absorb the nutrients it needs.
  • Eat a balanced diet. If you have too much of a certain nutrient it can actually cause problems. An imbalance of some vitamins will cause your hair to stop growing.

Can you see how important balanced living is? If you don’t tend to your general health none of the remedies I share here will make a difference.

Your Mouth

It won’t help if you’re smiling a wrinkle free smile while your teeth are stained or your lips are cracked. I forget to floss. Truthfully I actually hate doing it. But I substitute it with eating hard vegetables or fruit after every meal. The hard surfaces of carrots can actually remove some of the food particles and bacteria.

Your lips’ skin needs extra care. If you see they’re often cracked it means you need more Vitamin B. Supplements are quick solutions, or work more oats into your diet.

Your Nails

I have friends whose first impressions of new acquaintances are based on people’s nails. But what do you do if your nails simply don’t look good? It doesn’t mean you’re unhygienic.

This entire article is about creating a healthy environment inside your body so you can see the results on the outside. Your nails’ brittleness and discoloration mean there’s something amiss. It’s usually linked to deficiencies:
– Vitamin B7
– Iron
– Zinc

You’ll find the solutions in your fridge:
– Lemon juice
– Eggs

Times have changed and I’ll admit there are some short cuts I take to get the results I want. Perhaps food items have less nutrients than a few decades ago. That’s why I’m always looking for new—natural—supplements like Niagen (Nad+) to help keep my body young from the inside out. I hope I’m making my grandmother proud

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