6 Great Ways to Prepare for the Holidays at Work

Office Christmas Party

The cynical truth is: the holiday spirit is hard to get into when Christmas starts in October these days. It is easy to become a grinch when the stores we frequent jump the gun on the holiday cheer. The time leading up to the holidays are busy enough, between travel plans or finding the best recipes for Thanksgiving dinner, it almost feels like a burden to also be bombarded by the feeling of needing to get a jump start on your holiday present buying. We all these complaints, and so, we are here to help. We want the season to feel joyous when the actual days leading up to the holidays roll around, so we are here to suggest some baby steps (that do not include listening to premature holiday music) to take at work! After all, the holidays should be relaxing, so don’t let the Cindy Lou Who inside of you die because commercialism seems to ruin everything.

1. Jump-Start Your Shopping List

Ok, we know that holiday shopping is supposed to be fun; another cynical truth though: it isn’t. for those of us who leave holiday shopping to the last minute and max out our credit cards while successfully avoiding 10 car crashes in the mall parking lot, shopping becomes a tedious and stressful day that ends in hating the unthoughtful presents everyone will be receiving. Well, instead of hitting every line in the stores (and coming dangerously close to hitting a few people on the line), make lists and maybe even order a few presents online at work. It may feel premature, but thinking of really great presents to get loved ones feels better than the generic gift card on Christmas Eve. Also, ordering an awesome present online during your lunch break will get you excited to receive it in the mail, to give it to the person, and bonus: you will feel very productive. Even if you are just brainstorming your gifts, it will bring some sort of small holiday joy to your day!

2. Avoid Holiday Music

Just a small piece of advice for the over eager holiday lovers: Santa Claus is Coming to Town (any version of it) will make you want punch something small and cute by December 14th if you start listening to it early. Instead of listening to Christmas Pandora right now, because you just can’t wait, try to demonstrate some self control and keep the regular stations on. If it is absolutely necessary, press shuffle. Don’t ware out the holiday cheer before Thanksgiving. There is plenty of time to do that leading up to the holiday season.

3. Allow Yourself an Indulgence

Thank all that is good in this world that some creative person has come up with flavored hot beverages. Whether you are still stuck on your pumpkin phase or moving onto your chocolate mocha, let yourself indulge in an afternoon pick me up. Getting through the work day is impossible with out a caffeine fix anyway. Instead of opting for plain coffee, get a spruced up cup of holiday spirit that will keep you smiling for the rest of the day.

4. Finalize Your Plans

Traveling for the holidays is arguably the worst part of the whole season. There is nothing glamourous about it, thank you to every holiday movie for creating that misconception. There is really no way to prepare for a delayed flight, but just by finalizing plans, getting your tickets organized, and booking any transportation from airports to homes can be helpful. During a break at work, take care of business and make sure all your plans are ready to go. Thinking about seeing your loved ones will make you all the more excited for the coming weeks. If you aren’t traveling far, ask your host for the holidays needs help with any preparations. Our guess is that any help is welcome help.

5. Decorate Your Desk

Don’t overdo the decorating, but a few little desk accents could remind you of the fun that is to come. If you are questioning what overdoing the decorating is: tinsel and garland are unacceptable until December. Think more alone the lines of a small count down calendar or a picture of your dog in a Santa hat. Anything that will make your coworkers despise you or the old grump sitting next to you comment should be avoided, but a minute amount of holiday spirit to get you (and maybe the grump) a little happier is well worth the risk of being premature on the holiday crap you will soon be compiling on your desk.

6. Give Back

As cliche as it may sound, it is a time to give. There are always less fortunate than us that are looking for a little help. With all of the shopping we are doing for others, sometimes we forget that there are people who need more than our loved ones. It is difficult to predict when you will run into a person in need, but be more attuned to it in the coming weeks. With all the frivolous purchases you will more than likely be making in the coming weeks, try to consider the people around you. Even if it means giving your left overs from lunch to a stranger on the street that looks like they may need them more than you, it is all in the holiday spirit to give. We bet giving that small present will feel better than any other gift you give this holiday season.

How will you prepare for this holiday season?

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  1. I actually love holiday music, however I kind of avoid it until mid-late November… For instance, we will probably listen to holiday music tomorrow all day for Thanksgiving. And to be honest, I never turn into a grinch. I gladly accept the fact that XMAS starts in October because I really love this time of the year!


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