5 Useful Apps To Up Your Productivity

Want to turn your phone/tablet into a portable productivity machine? These are 5 of our favorite work-friendly apps.

Wunderlist 2.0

Wunderlist 2.0 App Review(Photo via Google Play)

Why write down your to-do list when you can do it by hand? With the increasing dependence on electronic communication it seems that pretty soon we won’t need pen and paper anymore. If you’re more comfortable on a digital device, download Wunderlist today. You can use it to write lists, set reminders, make notes, and share events (via e-mail). It’s cloud-based so your data easily syncs across all your devices. It has an elegant, simple interface that makes use enjoyable. The latest features include the ability to set recurring tasks around an item and to generate sub-tasks. The best part of all is the communal aspect: You can create communal to-do lists using email or Facebook.

Genius Scan

Geniusscan iPhone App Review Screenshots(Photos via iTunes)

Do you ever need to send meeting notes to the entire office? How about submit receipts for a weekend work trip? Well, now you can get that done within minutes by using this app to scan the items and send to your colleagues via email. Features allow you to form multiple scans into one PDF and post items to twitter. You can upgrade to Genius Scan+ from within Genius Scan. In addition to email, Genius Scan+ provides easy upload to Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Expensify, Google Drive, and SkyDrive, printing with AirPrint, customizable email signatures, and of course no ads.


Expensify for iPad Screenshots App Review(Photo via iTunes)

Use this app to report expenses and avoid the confusing and life-sucking process of gathering receipts and filling out expense reports. This free app syncs with credit cards to track purchases in real-time, pull in electronic receipts, scan paper receipts using the iPhone camera, and produce PDF reports. Not only can you use this app for work, you can also use it to help you with filing your taxes. According to Expensify, their eReceipts have been designed to meet and exceed IRS regulations for record keeping, meaning they will be accepted by the IRS if you are audited. In addition, you can print out a report with all of the year’s transactions and hand it in to your accountant during filing season.


Cam Card App Review Screenshots(Photo via iTunes)

This business card reader makes the input process at the end of a long networking day much easier. For those that regularly exchange business cards, spending annoying hours inputting our network’s information in an online database has long been the best way to store the information conveniently. Before resorting to alcoholism to get through this annoying task, please consider this app! Now you can scan business cards and the app will do the rest. The text recognition feature is decent, usually recognizing the difference between a name, address, and title. Fortunately you can amend this information before saving. You can manage and order your contacts into groups and save to iCloud.

Audio Memos

Audio Memos App Review Screenshots(Photo via iTunes)

This app is perfect for recording meetings, voice notes, or anything else being said that’s of importance (maybe not the happy hour gossip session…that might create drama). You can add a lock code to the app for privacy purposes. You can even go back and rerecord sections, insert a new recording inside an old one, and play around in different ways. So much for scanning meeting notes…how about record the entire thing??

What’s your favorite app?



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