5 Reasons you Need a 7 Speed Bike for City Cycling

Casual bikers may be unaware of just how many gears their bikes have, or how to really put the gears to full use, or even how many they really need. Having a basic knowledge of how your bike gears work and the effects your front chain rings will influence your pedaling, and will assist you in choosing the best gearing that you really need.

In the following article, we will assist you in becoming more gear-knowledgeable, and show you the benefits of having a 7 speed city bike as a city biker.

First, why do we need gears at all? Gears exist on bikes to assist riders to keep up an easy and convenient pedaling speed. Pedaling speed should not be affected by the roughness of the terrain or the slope. The secret to a well-functioning bike is its capabilities for efficiency and proper acceleration.

Little Maintenance

Seven-speed bikes are perfect for commuters because they are quite tough, and so require little maintenance. The bikes are great mostly because they allow for quick gear changes, without pedaling, and this feature comes in very handy at traffic stops.

Perfect for Rougher Terrains

A 7-speed bike is mainly built for rougher rides, to go over bumps and road difficulties or potholes. These bikes are perfect for commuters who generally ride on awkward roads, such as in a city with bad roads and much construction work going on.

Adjustable Gears

The 7-speed gears are also preferred for their easily maneuverable personalization features. That is, commuters can adjust the bike’s gears to better suit their present needs. 7-speed bikes are a little bit more difficult to get the full hang of, but once riders fully understand how they work, they find the bikes to be quite well-performing.

Easier to Pedal

On a 7-speed bike, there is a greater ease when pedaling. The lower and higher gears allow for smoother pedaling. The lower gears on the bike allow for a more relaxed pedaling, and the higher gears allow riders to tackle a downhill, sloppy track more easily.

Compact Gearing

Due to the more closely fixed cassette gearing, 7-speed bikes allows for more space, to include more protective parts. The gear also allows for better jump allowances, while also achieving quicker changes between gears. For a more diverse gearing, you can choose to design your own bike yourself online.

New and old riders constantly question which gears are most ideal for them or even just want to know what exactly a gear’s function is on their bikes. Cyclers will be looking for the most perfect bike that can give them the smoothest riding experience, and commute them easier, and they might finally realize that gears and the number of gear on their bikes is actually an important factor. There is very little need to overwork yourself on your daily cycling trips around the city, with different gear options available, there is one perfect for your needs. So, with the benefits of a 7-speed bike highlighted, we hope that riders looking to make their city life commute easier will consider switching gears.  A bike size chart can help the riders to choose the best product.


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