5 Reasons to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

Often times, our personal workout routines are considered all holy in the fitness realm of our lives. Once we have routines that work for us, we often stick to them, never straying from one exercise, because that is what makes us feel good. Unfortunately, there are ways that keeping our workout routines exactly the same can actually hinder reaching our maximum fitness goals. It is very important to remember to vary our workouts throughout the week or month, in order to ensure we are doing the best we can to keep our body fit through workouts. Don’t believe us? Here are 5 reasons to switch up your workout routine!

1.Prevent the Plateau

When starting a new workout routine, we often struggle for a while, and then feel fantastic. After a while though, the fantastic feeling fades into a feeling of going through the motions of a routine. That feeling, would be the plateau. Every workout has a plateau if it is continuously performed without switching it at all. When we plateau, we aren’t really helping our bodies in any way, because our muscles aren’t being worked in a way that makes them truly work hard. Avoid a plateau by switching up your workout routine, so that your muscles do not get used to just one type of exercise.

2. No Routine Should Be Routine

Life is all about routines. Work routines, morning routines, nightly routines, but the one routine that should never be routine is the workout routine. If you start to feel like you are doing the same thing all the time, than changing it up is a good idea. Working out shouldn’t be a mindless experience for anyone. Staying fit is all about making your mind and body work together to achieve a well body. So, don’t let your routine become so routine, that you don’t even think about what you are doing. The only thing that should be routine about working out is the amount of times a week you exercise.

3. Work Out, Don’t Overwork

While we already know working out essential for staying fit, it is also true that working out can place strain on muscles or parts of the body if they are being overworked. By alternating your routine, it is less common to experience a pulled muscles or ache in your body. Changing a routine will make sure you exert force on all of your body, not just one area.

4. Remember How Good a Challenge Can Feel

Think back to the first week you started working out. Every workout was tough, but after the exercise, the feeling of success was enormous. If you don’t switch up your routine, the exercises will become too easy, making you feel like you haven’t accomplished much. You should be rewarded for trying out a new exercise. Let the reward be the feeling of achievement after the challenge of a new and difficult workout.

5. Beat Boredom

You wouldn’t watch the same movie five days in a row, so why workout in the same way 5 days in a row? Repetition can be just plain boring sometimes. Beating boredom is probably the best reason to change a workout routine. As we said earlier, exercise is about the body and mind. don’t let your mind go dull by repeating the same routine all the time. Invigorate yourself with cardio one day, and strength training the next. You can’t get bored of exercising if you are switching up your routine constantly!

Although there are plenty of ways to get creative with a workout routine, below is a 7 Day Daily Workout Plan, by Back on Pointe, that may be of help in starting to vary your routine!

7 Day Workout Plan for 5 Reasons to Switch Up Your Workout Routine

How Will You Change Your Workout Routine?


  1. I really really really should switch up my work out, but alas, I do the same elliptical jaunt every day because it’s mindless – I work out first thing in the morning, a way to wake myself up more than anything, and it works like a charm. I mean, I am very healthy because of it, but I know as I get older I need to switch it up so I can keep my body guessing! I have decided this year that I am going to lift weights/do push ups every day, ha! Every little bit counts, right?!


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