5 Benefits to Taking a Weekend Wellness Retreat With Coworkers

Wellness Retreat for 5 Benefits of Taking a Wellness Retreat with Coworkers

How many hours a week do you work? We are guessing the typical answer would be forty. These days though, people are working harder and longer hours than they used to, so let’s just say you are working upwards of forty hours a week, maybe even weekends, and you are in an office setting. Assuming these things are true, than you probably sit among a group of coworkers and have forged some sort of a work relationship with them. Do you consider this group of people friends or just peers? wemay be bombarding you with a ton of questions, but there is a good reason for them.

This week, we stumbled across an article that highlights ten of the best wellness resorts in the world, which got us thinking, what are the benefits of spending a weekend at a wellness resort with your coworkers? We came up with 5 ways that getting away for a weekend with your office could enhance your work life. P.S. if you’re the boss, you should pay special attention to this post. Imagine what your employees can achieve if you give them a wellness weekend…

1. Team Building

How many times has your boss said,”this should be a team effort”? Building an office that feels more like a team will increase productivity at work, because every member of the team won’t want to let the other members down. Wellness resorts focus on relaxation, but they are also great for making connections to others. Many wellness resorts have function areas where team building activities can be held. Everyone hates ice breaker games, but maybe that is just what your office needs to make it a more comfortable environment.

2. A Safe Place to Share Ideas

Ok, we are sure the last thing that comes to mind while spending a relaxing weekend at a wellness resort is to be thinking about work. Actually, that is probably frowned upon at a wellness resort, but if it is a work weekend, there is an exception to the rule. Has there ever been a time that you had an idea at work, but didn’t bring it up to your superiors because you were afraid it may be shot down? In an office setting that could be scary, but that can all change outside of an office. Surely the topic of work will come up if you are on a retreat with your coworkers. This may just be the perfect place to start generating ideas.

3. Incentive

If this wellness weekend were to happen, it would be a fantastic incentive to keep employees going. Sometimes all work and with no play can impact the way an office runs. We don’t want to get too far fetched here, but if you have ever seen the television series The Office, than you would understand the importance of office down time. A reward is incentive to get the job done in the first place.

4. Learning About Relaxation

We are sure what we are about to say is every boss’ nightmare, but it is actually important for employees to learn techniques to relax. A weekend of we

llness could relax you enough that you stop stressing about the problems with your work, which could give you enough clarity to find the solutions. Stress is unproductive, and most workers are under more stress than they can handle. By learning  ways to alleviate stress, you and your coworkers could find yourselves enjoying your working hours a little more than before.

5. Make Connections

If you are reading this at work, and you probably are, look to the left and right of you. What do you really know about these people? You more than likely have a friend or two in the office, but everyone else gives you a cordial work personality. Taking a weekend to get to know your coworkers beyond their kids and pets names might actually make you like them. A friendly environment at work is not enough. You should be able to enter the office everyday, knowing you are among friends you care about. A wellness weekend should help coworkers get to know each other and maybe even genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Who knows, maybe the retreat will even create memories among coworkers that they can bond over.

Would you go on a wellness retreat at work?

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