4 Facts about Bio Freeze Gel

Bio Freeze Gel

Dealing with pain is not easy especially if it is on the muscles. While other people resolve to use the regular painkillers, it is for your good if you apply bio freeze gel on the affected area at least a few times a day. Not only will you feel the prompt effect but you will feel the best kind of comfort that you never felt for a while. For someone finding out about bio freeze gel for the first time, here are some of the reasons why you should have it in your house;

It works immediately

Bio-freeze gel contains methanol which is the painkilling element in this ointment. On application, the methanol creates a cooling sensation that will reduce the pain. Scientifically speaking, the methanol is responsible for distracting the pain receptors from transmitting pain signals from the affected area to the brain. This way, your brain ignores the pain hence relieving you from the painful feeling.

You don’t need a prescription

As practical as it is, you should know that you don’t need any particular prescriptions to purchase this gel. Additionally, bio freeze has no server effect on the body unless applied to the wrong spots like open wounds. It is, however, essential to know that this gel is not edible and should be kept far away from the eyes and mouth to avoid complications.

Best first aid for muscle accidents and joints

When your muscles get sore from excess working out, or you accidentally stepped on something and sprained your ankle, you better believe that there is no other better first aid solution that bio freeze gel. The fact that you don’t have to buy it every time unless you use it daily makes it a valuable part of your first aid kit. Athletes are known to depend on this gel when it comes to fixing their muscle and long term joint pains. The gel is capable enough to allow the painful muscles to do more work as the athletes keep on training.

No special skills needed to use it

One of the reasons why everybody should have this great gel in their house is because it does not require any extra skills and knowledge to use. First of all, the instructions are well explained on the package. After applying the gel to the affected part of the body, that is the end of it. Never cover the area since the blowing wind is part of the therapy. Additionally, don’t end up using the gel on the same spot more than four times a day. You will be making the pain receptors to get used of the methanol hence the pain receptors will still be active and transmit pain.


If you are more cautious about your general health, then you need to make sure that you have bio freeze gel close to you whether in the office or at home. More so, you should know that this gel is also good for body massage. Realize that it makes the muscles to feel less pain hence giving you comfort and getting rid of the tension.


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