7 Insane Fitness Classes That Are Sure to Transform Your Body

Do you love the feeling after an intense workout session, but that’s still not enough to drag yourself to the gym 3 or more times a week? Maybe the gym is filled with too many grunting meat heads or you’re just getting a little tired of your mundane “lift-abs-cardio” routine. Of course, there are a ton of effective exercises you can do at home, but it’s hard to find the motivation when you know the fridge and couch are in the next room over.

Before you declare that exercising just isn’t for you, make sure to try at least one of these fitness classes that are sure to have you looking forward to your next session. Although each one is pricey,  they are well worth it. When you’re investing your time and money into something that will benefit your overall health, you will receive more than you bargained for — especially with these unique classes.

You’ll see results quickly because you’ll be using your body in ways you haven’t been able to before. With cardio machines like the stair master and elliptical, your body is moving in the same repetitive motion and is only working the same targeted muscles. What these classes do differently, is they aim for variety. Each class or each week, the routines will be changed to focus on working muscles that you didn’t even know you had (because you’ll wonder where that soreness is coming from the next morning).

Not only will these exercises keep your body guessing, but they will keep you engaged. You’ll be in an environment where everyone around you is doing the same thing and working toward the same goal. No more overly-hunky guys to intimidate or annoy you and no more unspoken treadmill races with the girl next you. In fitness classes like these, you can focus on yourself and how your body feels during the workout. But the best thing is, you’ll have fun while doing it. Programs like these are designed to get you lost in the rhythm, putting you at the end of an intense session before you can even realize that you’ve worked up a crazy sweat.

1. B Tone Fitness

b tone fitness

As one of the cheaper options, you can try classes at B Tone Fitness for $30 a pop in the Back Bay area of Boston, MA. Your workout will never lack variety as you can switch between the MegaFormer-based “Tone” class, the leaning and turning unstationary bike in “Ryde,” or a cardio-barre fusion “Barre Blast” session.

2. Barry’s Bootcamp

barry's bootcamp

With locations in New York, Miami, and Nashville, this boot camp is a Kardashian favorite (seriously). This intense class combines treadmill sprints with a free weight session that is sure to have you dripping in sweat in no time. While New Yorkers have to pay $34 for the 60-minute workout, lucky Southerners get the same deal for $30.

3. BeSpun


If your time in Los Angeles wasn’t wild enough, stop by BeSpun for something you’ve always joked about doing. This hour-long pole dancing session blends strength training, flexibility, dance moves, and pole tricks for $35 a class.

4. Pilates One

pilates one

Fitness enthusiasts in Miami, FL can visit this multi-functional studio to sweat in more than just one way. The studio offers Pilates Reformer, Zumba, and Kickboxing Pilates, as well as a spa for your post-workout pampering needs. Members looking to take Reformer classes can expect to pay a fee starting at $39 per class.

5. SLT


SLT – strengthen, lengthen, and tone. That’s everything you’ve ever looked for in a workout! It’s a low-impact 50 minute class with exercises that are also done on a MegaFormer. This class, located in New York, NY, is sure to give you that ballerina body you’ve been dreaming about for $40 a class.

6. AQUA Studio NY

aqua studio ny

We’ve all been told “not to laugh at synchronized swimmers” because it’s an intense calorie-torching workout. But how do the rest of us benefit from water-resistance exercises? With $40 and a willingness to get drenched, you can try AQUA Studio NY’s cycling session that puts you and your bike in the water. 

7. Informed Technique

informed technique

Located in San Francisco, CA, Informed Technique starts at $60 for you first time before you can advance. Designed as a barre class with a twist, it is centered around small, but mighty moves. They add spring resistance to your arms and legs to give them that extra push, leaving you with a feel-good burn that’ll last you until your next session.

Want more? Go to Daily Burn to read about 5 more pricey (but totally worth it) fitness classes to consider.

Which class will you add to your workout routine?

Photos via Daily Burn


  1. I will have to try the pilates class. Honestly, I should try them ALL but… I am kind of a WHIMP?! Yes, I said it! ha ha ah! Plus, classes for me are kind of annoying because I feel like I need to be doing exactly what the rest of the pack is doing, there is a learning curve!


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