10 of the World’s Most Luxurious Gyms

While it’s easy to get down and dirty when it comes to fitness (literally), there’s nothing wrong in treating yourself once in a while, right? We’ve rounded up some of the most luxurious gyms around the world to stare and gawk at… We can only hope that one day we’ll be able to afford these fabulous services. Dream big, right?

1) La Mamounia, Marrakech

mamounia gym(image via)

La Moumania is a hotel resort in Marrakech, Morrocco. As if the location doesn’t get enough exotic, the fitness area overlooks and amazing landscape. I don’t think it would be possible to get bored of your workout here.

2) Terranea, Los Angeles

(image via)

Terranea happens to be another hotel with amazing fitness facilities. Not only is the view something to look forward to, but the amazing ambiance of calm and relaxation will get you right in the mood to focus on your health and wellness.

3) Core Club, New York

Price Tag: $50,000 initiation, $15,000/year

core club(image via)

I really wish that I had (by accident) typed one too many zeros or made a typo when writing out the price tag. The Core Club is an exclusive club in midtown Manhattan. And, when we say exclusive we mean it. These luxe quarters are private and invite only. While it offers many things like dining, networking, introduction to the art world, politics, and more, the fitness services are just as thorough. Offering training, fitness classes, and top of the line fitness equipment, perhaps the price is justified?

4) E at Equinox, New York

Price tag: $25,000/year

eatequinox(image via)

Another wowza with an even more astonishing pricetag is E at Equinox. If you’re a New Yorker, you know Equinox is one of the more top notch gyms. With 14 karat gold facials and endless amenities such as Kiehl’s bathroom products (for everyone), it’s no surprise they have delved into the very upscale market as well. $25,000 a year will get you unlimited training, access to every ‘Nox around the world, and other helpful tips. Can someone sign us up?

5) Zenergy Health Club & Spa, Ketchum, Idaho

Price: $15,000 initiation fee and $135 per mont

zenergy health and spa(image via)

Perhaps the hustle of city life is not for you. You need a serence environment to get your fitness on, don’t you? Join this sanctuary in Idaho for the full experience. Swimming pool, spas, steam rooms all included.

6) Madison Square Club, New York

Price tag: $11,750/year (Estimate includes $250 initiation, $125 monthly dues, and two personal training sessions per week)

madisonsquareclub(image via)

The Madison Square club is headed by David Kirtsch, an elite trainer to the stars. Don’t be surprised if you run into Heidi Klum on the ‘mill next to you, she’s a member too! However, don’t even think for a moment that all you will be doing is hanging out on the elliptical. The membership fee includes two training sessions per week with the man himself. Get ready for your butt to get kicked.

7) The Bunker, Beverly Hills, California

the bunker(image via)

Honestly, this Beverly Hills celebrity go-to is so hush hush, I couldn’t even find the establishment’s annual fees. This was also the only picture of the interior found… That was all.

8) David Barton Gym, South Beach, Florida

Price: $125/month approx.

db gym(image via)

A peek into any David Barton gym and at first glance you might think it’s more of a night club than a fitness club. The intricate designs, mood lighting, and decorations might fool you. However, we can’t lie. It would be kind of fun to work out here. The South Beach gym is inquiry only but there are plenty in other states such as New York.

9) Athletes’ Performance, Phoenix, Arizona

Price: $30,000 per year in the Premier Executive Training Program

Outside_Athletes_Performance(image via)

By the football field, can you tell this is specially designed for athletes? Apparently Eva Longoria frequents this gym as well, though. No wonder she was able to meet her athlete husband… I think I’ve unlocked the secret.

10) The Setai Club, New York

Price: $5,000 per year, personal training $150 per hour

thesetai club (image via)

The Setai Club is located in New York, but slightly easier on the pockets than the rest of these. Perhaps that’s because it lacks included training, but with that spa feel, we can’t help but dream of all the pampering possibilities.

Would you pay the price for these high end gyms?


  1. I’ve worked out at The Bunker with a celebrity trainer who shall remain nameless. It’s pretty cool! The trainer had photos and video of his Victoria’s Secret angel clients playing above the treadmills. If that doesn’t inspire you to get your a$$ in gear, what will?!

    To answer the question though, no I would never pay those exorbitant prices! Fitness should be free (or at least reasonably priced). I write all about cheap fitness options on my blog 🙂

  2. I want to go to the Bunker!!! Since I live in LA, it’s DESTINE to happen! @Whitney better tell me how to get in there! 😉

    However, I am not willing to spend LOADS of money for a gym membership! All I need is an elliptical and I am a happy girl!


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