Infographic: Health Benefits of Laughing

If there is one thing I can count on when I am with my friends, it is a good laugh.

Well, many of them. It is not at all unusual to have the laugh-so-hard-your-stomach-hurts feeling when I am with my crew. Cheek aching is completely normal. I definitely chose the right group of friends and this infographic proves that those belly-aching moments have even more perks than a fun night.

Many of us know that a laughter can change our mood, but did you know that a good giggle can boost your immune system? Or improve your memory? Laughter truly is the best medicine.

These are just two of many interesting factoids about a good LOL session from Greatist.

Did you know that there were this many health benefits of laughing? Who promises to laugh today for your health? Comment with jokes below! 

photo credit: Vermin Inc via photo pin cc


  1. LOL! I love that infographic. Laughter can certainly help you reduce stress. I was always surprised about laughter being able to help increase pain tolerance until I read the research on it, which was pretty strong. It is amazing how our emotions can affected our bodies.

  2. Wow, laughter is up there with orgasms in terms of health benefits. I hereby swear to get enough of both, though preferably not at the same time:)


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