Daily Bite Wellness Tip: Ditch The Track For The Pool, Go Swimming

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Daily Bite Wellness Tip Swimming Benefits

While popular means of exercise usually include running/jogging/walking, biking, elliptical machines, or weights, swimming should not be overlooked as one of the absolute healthiest workout options. Your current gym probably has a pool and you might want to consider checking it out. Or,  for those who prefer the great outdoors, summer will be here before you know it and nothing could be better than hitting the beach, right?

Swimming is the only aerobic exercise that allows you to work your whole body without any impact to your skeletal system (ask your doctor what your knees will feel like 10 years from now if you keep running those 6 miles daily). Despite taking the weight off your joints, water is about 12 times as dense as air, meaning propelling yourself through a pool is going to result in a much more muscle intensive workout than moving through air on your morning jog. Aside from having the same aerobic benefits as, say, running or biking such as muscle tone, calorie burning and heart health. Swimming can also bring about benefits usually found by doing yoga or stretching.  This includes keeping joints and ligaments loose and flexible . However, you should still stretch a bit before swimming because cramping up while being in the water has the potential to be dangerous. In addition, swimming can be an especially good workout option for people with asthma. This is due to the fact that the dry air of winter (or found in the gym) stops being a problem when you are immersed in water. So you should participate in group & private swimming lessons to get escaped from any threat.

Will you include swimming in your workout plan?

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Blurb nugget: Swimming is the only aerobic exercise that lets you workout your entire body without harsh impacts to your skeletal system!


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