Thirsty Thursday: 6 Sinful Drunken Fruit Recipes This Winter

Cocktails are a part of holiday parties that are usually predicable: some mystery rum punch that tastes like mostly juice, flat champagne, or even worse, drinks so strong that after one sip, you put them down. A creative way to add alcohol to beverages at your holiday party this year is with drunken fruit. Drunken fruit is fruit that is soaked in alcohol, also known as alcohol infused fruit.  Below are 6 easy drunken fruit recipes that we love and will perk up any party.

Vodka Infused Oranges (WikiHow)

Thirsty Thursday: 6 sinful drunken fruit recipes for winter

Orange is one of the many great citrus flavors to indulge in this winter. You can use these oranges to garnish drink like Cosmopolitans, margaritas, and mimosas. Since oranges have a peel you may think getting them “drunk” would be complicated, but this recipe has pictures to show you how to remove the peel and make the oranges look pretty.

Vodka Soaked Strawberries (WikiHow)

Thirsty Thursday: 6 sinful drunken fruit recipes for winter

Poinsettias, Christmas punch and mulled wine are all Christmas cocktails that could benefit from strawberries infused with vodka. Other cocktails that this drunken strawberry could garnish are apple martinis and pina coladas.

Brandy Poached Pears (Kitchen of the West)

Brandy Soaked Pears

If you like a sidecars, hot toddy’s or pears, this poached pear recipe is something you should try. Most people don’t think of pear as a garnish for cocktails, but this fruit really shines when it’s soaked in brandy. This recipe also uses honey, vanilla, cinnamon, and cloves, so your pears won’t taste like straight up liquor.

Rum Soaked Fruit Kabobs (Cooking with an H)

Thirsty Thursday: 6 sinful drunken fruit recipes for winter

This recipe can be used all year round with many different types of fruit. For winter, a great rendition of this recipe would include clementine, grapefruit, kiwi, lemon, and pear. Soak the kabob sticks in water first to prevent splinters and so they won’t dry out. Then peel the fruits, cut them, and soak them in your favorite rum.

Watermelon Tequila Wedges (She Knows)

Thirsty Thursday: 6 sinful drunken fruit recipes for winter

Around the holiday season, most food and drinks are thick, creamy, and heavy. A freshening piece of watermelon would balance out other heavier fare you may be serving. Since watermelon can be cut into sizeable pieces, you don’t even need to make a drink — just soak it in tequila and that’s it!

Bourbon Soaked Cherries (How Sweet It Is)

Thirsty Thursday: 6 sinful drunken fruit recipes for winter

Cherries are a classic garnish for bourbon cocktails like a mint julep, an old fashioned, or a Manhattan. So soaking these cherries in bourbon only makes sense. Cherries without the pit will be more convenient and easier for someone to eat.  These cherries are very versatile and can go with any kind of winter drink, even tea.

Have you ever tried drunken fruit?