Spring Activities We’re REALLY Excited About!

There may still be just a bit of snow on the ground but temperatures are on the rise and we cannot wait to get outside! This is what we have been waiting for after such a long and gloomy winter and it’s safe to say its time to hang up the heavy coat, gloves and hats. Here are the activities you must do this spring!

1. Cook

spring activities

We are transitioning into spring fruits and vegetables! Get the freshest and healthiest ingredients on your table. What’s in season now? Apricots, asparagus, broccoli, mangos, peas, pineapples, spinach, strawberries and much more. Doesn’t a fresh fruit smoothie and mango salsa sound great right about now?

2. Hike

spring activities

Time to wipe the cobwebs off your hiking boots and adventure out. Spring is the perfect time of year to hike because it is not too cold and not too hot. Gather your best hiking buddies and go find a new mountain or trail to explore.

3. Bike


Biking is the perfect spring activity because it can be done no matter where you live. Citi Bike makes it easy for people who live in NYC to bike even if they don’t own one themselves. Pick up and drop off at any citi bike location. It couldn’t be easier! Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and Washington D.C are among the other cities with bike sharing systems. As for suburban neighborhoods, bike around your local lakes and trails for a twist on exercise.

4. Plant

spring activities

Add color and life to your home with a flower or vegetable garden! Pansys, lilacs, daffodils, tulips, as well as broccoli, beets, spinach and carrots grow the best in the spring.

5. Golf

spring activities

Mini golf or regular, whatever your preference, it’s the perfect spring activity. Not to mention an adorable first date idea. Need a new hobby? Take golf lessons and impress friends and family with your swing and putting skills.

 6. Jog

spring activities

All out of excuses now. No reason to pull the “too cold to run outside” card. As someone who personally loves the treadmill, I’ve been inside for way too long and cannot wait to run outside. Can’t you smell the fresh cut grass?

7. Be Outside

spring activities

Just go outside and do something. Sit and have (iced!!) coffee at a cafe, eat lunch, walk along the water, fly a kite, do yoga. Whatever it is don’t waste your days inside. Get some vitamin D on your skin and enjoy the fresh air we haven’t experienced in months.

8. Visit Outdoor Markets/Festivals

spring activities

Flea markets, farmers markets and food festivals all over the country start up in the spring time, thankfully! We cannot wait. Check your local newspapers and websites for markets and festivals in your area!

9. Sight See

spring activities

Something you definitely don’t want to do in the winter is travel/walk around outside. Now is the perfect time for a little weekend getaway! Go see the city, park and monument you’ve always wanted to see. Make new memories with friends and family.

10. Picnic

spring activities

Another great first date idea: picnics! Not too hot, cold or buggy- lay out the blanket, eat some good grub and enjoy each others company in a beautiful and relaxing setting.

11. Go To A Baseball Game

spring activities

This is my personal favorite spring activity. Opening day for Major League Baseball is around April 6th so now is the perfect time to get tickets to see your favorite team! There is nothing more fun than a day filled with screaming fans, hot dogs, cracker jacks and a cold cola.

12. Clean

spring activities

They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing! Time to clean the dust mites that have been collecting during the winter months, let the sunshine in and simplify your life. Give back by donating clothes to your local Good Will or shelter.

13. Accomplish Something

spring activities

By this we mean learning a new hobby, get in shape (summer is right around the corner) or finish a project you’ve been putting on hold. Spring is the perfect time to get motivated again. New Year’s resolutions seem like a thing of the cold and dark past, right? Set goals for your sunny spring resolutions.

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What spring activity are you looking forward to? 

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