Fend off Winter Workout Blues

Are you already plotting to skip the gym because gray skies are looming? The weather can quickly become your number one excuse to go crawling under the covers instead of hitting the trails. If running is normally your thing, but breaking a sweat in the icy chill summons feelings of dread now is the perfect time to make a change in your program that will be sure to keep you inspired and motivated through the five-degree days….okay, maybe the 30-degree days?

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The trick to staying fit this winter is to break free of your “normal” exercise routine and use the winter months to inspire your gym regimen.

Quit Going Solo: You and your iPod make a great team, but during a blizzard your music pal can’t push you out the door. On the coldest of days try taking a group class that comes equipped with tunes and energy that you can feed off of. Plus, this adds a set workout time to your schedule that cannot be missed even if the fireplace is calling your name.

Create a Health Hub from Home: Snowy roads are not an excuse when you can roll out of bed and hit play with a fitness DVD or exergame. You can also keep your heart pumping with no gear workouts like lunges, push-ups and sit-ups in your living room. Exercising at home may be the change of pace and scenery your program needs to keep you motivated. Make your home work out day all about strength training with your body which is a drastic change from all the gadgets you have access to at the gym and a great way to try a new exercise that will push you beyond the norm you were used to with your summer workouts.

Drive Forward with a Winter Activity: There is nothing you can do about the cold, so you might as well enjoy the seasonal activities that come along with the temperature. Take them to the next level with an “outside gym” perspective. Commit to shoveling snow for you and your neighbors which is known to be a major calorie burning workout. For your cardio, start a snowball fight, run up the hill after sledding or ice skate with intensity. You can workout your arms and upper body with a snowman building contest. Snowshoe, ski or snowboard with more vigor and lengthen your time on the trail to get the most out of your day’s workout.

Push through the snowstorm outside (and the one that clouds your fitness goals) with seasonal activities that will get you through the winter and inspire you to transform your routine even after the last snowflake melts away.

Need more motivation? Check out Bite Size Wellness on Pinterest!

Do you think it is more difficult to work out in the winter? Explain why below!

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  1. Talia, great post. the truth is I am completely motivated (or not) by the weather. The problem comes in that I do prefer to workout outside…by a long shot. However, I did just tell my husband that I have to renew my gym membership because 32 degrees is too cold to workout outside. I love all seasons but right now, I can’t wait for spring. Jana

    • It is great to hear that you aren’t letting the weather stop you from exercising by renewing your gym membership! On the better winter days you can still enjoy your outdoor exercise. Just remember to bundle up with the right gear and dress in layers. A warm blanket and a cup of hot tea will be so rewarding when you get back home.


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