Head & Heart

Head & Heart

It's not only being physically fit, but emotionally fit, too! Here's how to handle everything from confidence to work stress.

meditation benefits

Does Meditation Make You Smarter?

Who knew stillness could create intelligence?
apple for energy

Fact or Fiction: Apple a Day Keeps the Caffeine Away?

Ever since being a junior in college, coffee has been a necessary part of my morning. Like many other caffeine addicts, I find it hard to...
Chicken Noodle Soup Health Benefits Feat Image

Fact or Fiction: Can Chicken Noodle Soup Really Relieve Cold Symptoms?

From a young age, we have all learned that chicken noodle soup is the meal of choice when we are feeling under the weather....
fact or fiction almonds cure headache

Fact or Fiction: Can Almonds Cure a Headache?

We all suffer from headaches at one time or another. However, the frequency and intensity of headaches vary from person to person, and everyone...

How Color Psychology Affects Our Mood

Have you ever noticed how you're drawn to certain colors? Whether you're looking to repaint a room, buy a new duvet cover, or simply...

Increased Vitamin D Linked to Breast Cancer Survival

By now, we all know that vitamin D is naturally found in sunlight. Many of us take supplements during the dark winter months in...

12 Better Reasons to Run Regularly

For many people, just the thought of running makes them out of breath and gives them shin splints. Short sprints have you lightheaded in...
Bite Size Wellness Orthorexia Clean Eating Obsession

Orthorexia: When Clean Eating Becomes an Obsession

Everyday, we are bombarded with messages that tell us  how adherence to a clean diet will lead us to live a pure and virtuous...
Fact or Fiction Cranberry Juice Benefits UTI feat

Fact or Fiction: Can Cranberry Juice Help You With UTI’s?

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are uncomfortable and, sometimes, unavoidable. They are the result of bacteria entering the body’s urinary system, which is most common...
sugar intake

World Health Organization: Sugar Intake Should Be Cut in Half

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the daily recommended sugar intake should be halved, to six teaspoons. The WHO previously recommended that an...
Fact or Fiction - Magnesium Can Lower Anxiety

Fact or Fiction: Can Magnesium Lower Your Anxiety?

Living in a society that is fast-paced and demanding, it is not surprising that many of us suffer from anxiety. According to the Anxiety...
Can You Drink Too Much Water

Video: Can You Drink Too Much Water?

Water is everywhere. Literally. It's used for almost everything and has several benefits when selected as your beverage of choice. The key reason for...
skipping meals

Just Stop: 8 Bad Habits to Get Rid of Right Now

How are all your health and fitness resolutions going, ladies? While you may have already made your resolution list and (probably) checked it twice,...
Girl With Heating Pad - Cramps

Fact or Fiction: Vitamin C for Period Pains

Bloating, cramps, and mood swings—these inevitable once-a-month feelings are always an unwelcome harbinger of a woman’s period. Menstrual pains effect almost every woman, and...
Honey - Natural Raw Honey - Local Honey Uses

Fact or Fiction: Can Local Honey Combat Allergies?

The days are getting longer, warmer weather is approaching, and allergies are about to peak. Over-the-counter (OTC) allergy medicine can be expensive and come...


healthy green smoothie recipes

These 2 Healthy Green Smoothies Are Unexpectedly Delicious Recipes

We all know about the importance of eating our greens, but it's also important to drink 'em! If you're not a fan of green...
homemade cleaning solution

Don’t Toss Those Citrus Peels, Upcycle Them!

We use oranges, lemons and grapefruits for so many different food recipes, it's hard to name them all. But who knew you could use...
closet cleaning

5 Items You Need To Purge From Your Closet

Closet cleaning is not an easy thing to do. It's so hard for us to part with items we've collected over the years, even...
tara stiles

Tara Stiles: Yoga Hacks For Poses That Are Wack

Even the most zen yogi has one hard yoga pose that can totally throw them off their balance. I'm talking about those poses that...